Got your eye on a shiny new 2015 motorhome but don’t want to pay over the odds on insurance? This month’s guide reveals which new models offer the biggest insurance savings.

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Last month we wanted to get your thoughts on whether motorhomes should have the same number of seatbelts as they do berths. It’s now time to see how you voted.

Swift Bolero 684 Exterior

Everything you could ever need in a motorhome plus a little bit extra! The Swift Bolero 684FB motorhome reviewed.

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With an abundance of new construction methods, materials, interiors and chassis to choose from nowadays, we want to know if you think the build quality of new caravans and motorhomes is improving. Vote now in this month’s online poll.

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Checking your caravan’s noseweight is a key part of everyday caravanning. Question is, how often do most people measure theirs? Let’s find out as we reveal the results of last month’s online poll.

Coachman VIP 575

The ever popular fixed bed layout is back again in the Coachman VIP 575 touring caravan. A great 4 berth tourer, but will it be on your shortlist for 2015?

Leisuredrive Vivante Hi-Line

A well put-together camper van, the Leisuredrive Vivante provides superb holiday accommodation in a compact package.

GBSol Reflex

Could you be putting the roof of your motorhome or campervan to better use with solar panels? Read our guide on buying and installing renewable energy for your vehicle.


There are dozens of new caravans to choose from in 2015, but which ones save you the most on your insurance? Let’s find out as we examine the new models with the best safety and security features.

Bailey Unicorn Seville

The new compact Bailey Unicorn Seville. It’s big on specification, but not on price, so you’ll be hard pushed to find a 2 berth tourer in this price range with this level of equipment. Read our full review.