Should motorhomes come with a hefty price tag? Have your say in this month’s poll


Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes and so too does the price you pay for one.

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How much would you pay for a sparkly new motorhome? 

The price of a brand new motorhome can be anywhere between £30,000 and £50,000, and if you were to go all out you could be paying somewhere in the region of £60,000 to £80,000 or even more.

Motorhomes in this higher cost bracket tend to be larger models, possibly of the A-Class kind with extra spec, bags of living space and  mod cons.

That said, the preferred body type option for most UK motorhome owners are either coachbuilt or van conversions.

Are new motorhomes overpriced or do you simply get what you pay for?

To get your take on the topic, we want to know what you think should be the ceiling price for a motorhome.

Vote now using the buttons to the left-hand side and please explain your answer below.


Details correct at time of publication (22/05/2014) but may be subject to change.

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5 thoughts on “Should motorhomes come with a hefty price tag? Have your say in this month’s poll

  1. Classical marketing suggests that convertors/manufacturers will charge what the market will bear so as long as they can sell them then they will continue to charge the prices they do. Big names sell in high-ish numbers so they should be able to take advantage of the economies of scale but their prices do not often reflect this. It is difficult for the smaller convertors to compete hence the relatively high numbers of insolvencies among this group.

  2. There is a lot of work in producing a motorhome. Good quality materials are pricey as are good craftsmen but I some time think they are taking the mick with some of the prices. Also do dealers make too much profit on secondhand deals?

  3. Why are van conversions sometimes the same as or even more expensive than a coachbuilt, & lots of coachbuilts look like a caravan with a grp (fibreglass) adaptor joining them to the cab/chassis.

  4. I think some Motorhomes are over priced as all that seems to be different from the previous year is the upholstery so why are they going up year on year?

    • Hi Janet,

      Nowadays caravans are built to a certain specification which may have an affect on the price. Swift’s SMART and Elddis’ Solid are just two examples of the specific techniques now being used by manufacturers. Some caravans come fitted with safety and security devices too which again could impact the price.



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