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Motorhome insurance FAQs

What are your minimum motorhome security requirements?

We do not have any general minimum security requirements. However, if the value of your motorhome fits within the following brackets then we will require the listed additional security to be fitted:

Motorhomes £20,001 – £40,000 = Factory fitted immobiliser or Thatcham category 2 approved immobiliser

Motorhomes £40,001 – £55,000 = Alarm and immobiliser (Thatcham Category 1 or Thatcham 2 to 1 Upgrade or Van Bitz Strikeback)

Motorhomes £55,001 – £80,000 = Factory fitted immobiliser and an approved tracking device (list here).

Motorhomes over £80,001 = We do insure motorhomes valued over £80,000, it is advised that owners of such motorhomes call us to get the best value quote.

Dependant on the value of your motorhome, and its storage location, you may require additional security.

Our friendly insurance advisers can explain what may be needed in order for us to provide a quote.

Call us on 01422 396 769, lines are open 8am-8pm weekdays and 9am-4pm weekends and most bank holidays.

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