2013 Elddis Affinity 574: Foot loose and (almost) screw-free

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  1. Godfrey Barker says:

    my feeling is if you are going to give any feet and inches measurements make sure they are complete but bed measurements should always be in feet and inches yes I know I am over 70 but do use mainly metric measurement glad to think an 81 year old can afford to drink metric!!

  2. Seares says:

    Who wants to use feet inches etc nowadays? I’m 81 and have worked and thought in metric measurements for years. It’s the only sensible way to go. Do these reactionary folk still yearn after bushels, groats, guineas, and all that! Even pints should be replaced by litres (bigger!)

  3. Nev Cartwright says:

    If you follow the link in the article to the Elddis website there are more photos.
    looks like there is a recess for a Flat Panel TV on the wardrobe.
    Agreed it is a long expensive but beautiful caravan though.

  4. Godfrey Barker says:

    One of the conversions into ft and inches incomplete .
    On the main specs no conversions given from metric

    • Craig says:

      Hi Godfrey

      Thanks for the heads up on the figure within the article. I have now completed the feet and inches stat for one of the beds.

      With regards to the dimensions in the factfile, we don’t usually post the imperial figures but here they are:
      Overall length 7.40m > 24ft 3.3 inches
      Interior length 5.70m > 18ft 8.4 inches
      Width 2.24m > 7ft 4.2 inches
      Headroom 1.95m > 6ft 4.8 inches
      Hope those are useful.
      Kind regards
      Craig Thompson
      Caravan Guard

  5. jeannie ludlam says:

    Such a long van and no space for telly etc.
    Where are you supposed to put your telly??
    To me it would have been better with front seats slightly shorter and wardobe over other side and drawers with work top where wardrobe is to accommodate this feature that everyone has – a telly.

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