VIDEO: What’s involved in the B+E test for caravannners?

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  1. Neil says:

    Thanks for a great article, it’s good to see you going into some detail about the trailer test. So many people think that you turn up, drive around some cones and you’ll pass, they don’t get that it’s a comprehensive test of all the elements required to drive a trailer safely.

    As the video says, you do need to take training to stand any realistic chance of passing. Be to choose a towing training provider based on their experience, reviews and quality of training – NOT on price. As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. If you buy cheap training and fail your test, the cost to retake it can be considerable – the test fee itself is £115, and you will have to pay for additional training. Choose a training provider that will give you the best training and you stand a good chance of passing!

  2. Vincent Spooner says:

    DVLA took my motorcycle licence off my licence and wouldn’t accept evidence from friends or family, or the fact that I had a700cc motorcycle. I had to swear an affidavit with a solicitor before my licence was reinstated with the motorcycle class added.

  3. Frank Browett says:

    This is a genuine warning. CHECK YOUR LICENCE. The DVLA makes a habit of missing groups off renewed licences.
    Take a photocopy of your licence before sending it off. Then when the DVLA tells you there is no record of you ever passing a test, you have proof.
    On the bright side, you may find that they have added the odd group.
    In my case, the Heavy Motorcar group, now C, has gone and my licence has had to be returned for correction, together with a photocopy of my 1974 paper licence.

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