New poll: Do you have a caravan or motorhome cover?

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  1. William Bowmar says:

    I have a full caravan cover but am not sure whether it’s good value or not. I can see the benefits of a towing cover, especially in bad weather.

    Also I have a solar panel, which is great at keeping the leisure battery topped up but the caravan cover impacts its effectiveness. I keep the van at a good CASSOA site which does not have mains power so need a charged battery to run my motor mover which is essential as you get older.

    I had problems with my previous van which was prone to water ingress so the cover would have been useful.

  2. david says:

    we bought a cover in October 2015 after a lot of thought but we have found it really good we have had no problems at all I think the trick is to buy a good quality one with breathable fabric and lots of air vents yes they are a pain to put on but they do protect the paint work from the ravages of the weather I used to spend two days at the start of the year cleaning the van now its a quick wash down and away

  3. David L says:

    Yes I do have a caravan cover, and it did keep the van immaculate when used. You do have to prepare the van well, covering all sharp projections or they will cause wear marks on the cover, and even small holes. I also covered the windows with the soft material provided with the cover. Its a two person job to fit the cover, and I would recommend buying a good quality one from a reputable manufacturer, making sure it is of the breathable type. We opened the van door several times during the winter whilst it was covered, to allow the van to “air” we had no problems with condensation or mold. Since buying it, we have found an undercover winter storage building, so I’ve not used it for the last two winters, but will certainly keep it for future use if needed.

  4. Martin Staines says:

    We own a Burstner motorhome.put a cover on it in Octoberer last year and took it off in April 2016.
    No marks on the outside no evidence of damp inside the van.Before putting it on the whole van was deep cleaned inside and out.,the cover took all the poor winter weather with no damage to the cover or motorhome., no mould or damp on the inside or on the bodywork. We use a protec cover expensive but this is the second one we have used on our new Burstner and on a previous motorhome. The high points like solar panel edges and tv aerials need padding to stop any wear on the inside of he cover.motorhome was checked every two weeks to ensure no damage had happened inside.
    Would recommend one of these covers but delivery time from the manufacturer is slow and far more expensive than other covers on the market.The cover comes with tie down straps to stop the wind lifting it is a breathable fabric we live near the sea.

  5. Brian Woodcock says:

    I used one for the first time ever last winter (2015) found it awkward to put on , when removed there were holes where it had rubbed on the joining strips on the roofat either end & marks on the paintwork where the winds had made it flap, so this winter I did not use it

  6. John white says:

    Yes we use one and it is very good keeps the caravan over winter nice and clean

  7. Geoff Gilbert says:

    With the van’s cover on the paint work is permanently wet. This worried me so have discarded the cover.

  8. Chris Gilmour says:

    Used cover for last 2 years good points and bad points keeps van very clean no problems with mold inside van, but dose leave marks on windows and paint work were cover flaps about in winds I have been told you can polish the marks out will try later this year.

  9. Tony Vernon-Smith says:

    We used to keep our caravan under a car port but since the development of taylor made covers we have used one without any problems.
    This year, for the first time, we are using a towing cover and are quite impressed with ease of installation and removal process.
    It is gratifying to see a road grime free and squashed fly free caravan front after a long journey.

  10. Val Storey says:

    We had a cover on out Swift caravan, we often went up to the storage to check the caravan out (approx. every month) and on one occasion, we were horrified when we opened the door. We had had quite a bit of rain in the previous weeks and the damp cover had caused the inside to sweat and mould was beginning to grow. It was mostly in the bathroom area on the ceiling but had started to work its way into the kitchen area. We were lucky we found it when we did as it cleaned off with a soapy damp cloth, but I dread to think what it would have been like it we had left it any longer. We have heard of some people covering their vans and the mould was so bad it would not clean off. We now have a brand new van and will definitely not be covering it. I would rather clean the caravan outside more regularly than take the chance of the damage covers could cause.

  11. Andrew William Brandie . says:

    We own a Swift Challenger 470 SE 2004 , and as it is an older caravan with fading paintwork on the front and back we didn’t think it was worth it , but I often think it might save me washing it so much as you have to wash it about every week to keep it in good nick .

  12. Trevor Cleaton. says:

    A neibour gave me a caravan cover which was for his previous van.He was not a great believer of these covers,so i soon had it off him to try through the winter.
    I gave the van a good clean and wax before the cover went on and i can honestly say,there were no marks or anything on the van at all after 6 months.Inside was ok too,with me opening the door occasionally to air it and also a couple of those damp granule things.
    Big thumbs up for Caravan covers especially if they are free.

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