Community Poll: How often do you change your caravan or motorhome?

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  1. A Garrick says:

    Bought our 2003 Swift Conqueror van in 2007 & the latest models have no better attributes or layout. Later models are actually heavier and more expensive! I have changed the bulbs to led types in the interior lamps, had an an Alko anti snaking sensor system fitted and intend to keep the van up to a modern spec whilst the skin remains watertight or until we decide to downsize.

  2. pam del says:

    hi I have had three vansover about seven years a crcking volks coachbuilt but the emissions killed that off being diesel then a autosleeper good van but a bit cramped I now own a swift escape 624 reg 2011 I bought it from a bad dealer in kent I was back nearly every month wher something had fallen of now changed the dealer near home and swift and them have brought it back to what he should have done good value for the money

  3. Stuart C says:

    Had 2 MH before, got a 2005 Hobby now and don’t see me changing it in the near future, all we want in 1 package so why change even tho I could afford to update maybe.

  4. Stephan Potts says:

    I always check the week prior to going away — so that I can do something of I have an issue. Also, as I have a motorvan it gets moved a few feet a week so as so move the tyres and stop flat spotting. Also, tyres last about 3 years (comments?) so the side walls can wear out and you still have a great deal of tread.

  5. MykCamper says:

    Started with a VW T5, changed for a Ducato Tribute after 6 months as the T5 wasn’t big enough for us wintering in southern Europe. Will proberbly keep this for many years it has low running costs and meets all our requirements .

  6. Tony Walsh says:

    We are on our 8th motor home since 1988. And have always had continental vans until 2011 when we bought a new Bessacarr. Had it 12 months and skipped it. Now back to a german Hobby van. Never buy British you will waste your money.

  7. Richard says:

    Hi we are now on our fith van , a small Fluerette great little van and very nice
    to tow. Just putting hot water in so we are getting a bit modern.

  8. melvyn nutter says:

    having had caravans for over 25 years, we bought our current motorhome an autocruise stardream new in 2006, because it was the only van which would go in our garage, and it has been brilliant and still is, we will be keeping it another 2 years untill 2015 and then decide.

  9. Sid Pitt says:

    We are on our fifth Motorhome. The current one ,new in 2008, is good. On all our previous models we had niggling faults. We cleared one & another started. The latest van was the same. From new we had faults the main one interior electrics. Last season we were fault free, it was wonderful so we are keeping this one with fingers crossed.

  10. Duncan says:

    Ours is so old that it’s not in the book as far as prices go so we keep it. But this is our first caravan since we moved to the UK so that may change..

  11. Phil says:

    Had two caravans 5 years each, had our current motorhome 3 years and getting our new motorhome next month, was tempted by new style layout not available 3 years ago.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for the comments so far. I guess it can come down to if the new layouts and features of newer models can convince you enough to change. Interested to hear more viewpoints/experiences so keep them coming.
      Caravan Guard

  12. Peter says:

    On our 2nd motorhome changed just after 3 years. Looked again in 2012 after 3 years. Little to improve on and at least 20k cost of change. We decided a new mattress would sort the urge to change.

  13. Colin Calloway says:

    Bought caravan New in 2008.
    I know where it’s been, mileage completed, how it’s been looked after.
    It is, nearly, as new.
    No need to even consider replacing.

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