Do you check your caravan or motorhome tyres before every trip?

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  1. MIKE ROLLISON says:

    I use Tyresafe monitors on motorhome tyres. Since a puncture a couple of years ago, I find it comforting to be able to see pressure and temperature of each tyre on the dashboard display.

  2. G Sneath says:

    I think there is enough legislation in this country without now bringing in MOTs etc for caravans. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will look after his/her unit ie tyres servicing,load weights et al.

  3. Tony Ash says:

    I check my tyres for damage before every trip, torque my wheel nuts & check my pressures! I always carry a torque wrench & air pump in my boot! I also carry a box of tools & essential items ie bulbs, fuses etc just in case of emergencies, I even have a yellow led flashing beacon if I have trouble at night to warn others! I don’t take any chances!

  4. Barry Carter says:

    I check my Motorhome Tyres and Pressures before every tour over 100 miles and around every two months. The tyres have quite high pressures around 80 psi (5.5 Bar). The Motorhome is 5 years old going into its 6th year and so far the tyres pressures have lasted between its MOT / Servicing though I take them to my service grage every 6 months to get them checked along with the wheel nuts which are torqued. If I had needed to pump them up I wouldn’t have a pump of high enough pressure and so I would need a garage. Barrtec

  5. M Tankielun says:

    I do check the tyres regularly for signs of damage, wear and tyre pressures. On our last trip out the tyre pressures were checked. On one of the nights we had quite a severe frost and as soon as we moved off, the dashboard tyre warning light came on. I stopped, checked the tyres and they appeared OK.Stopped at the next garage and found that each of the four tyres were 6psi down.The on board system obviously works well, but, I will still regularly check the pressures manually.

  6. Gordon Smith says:

    Check tyre pressure and condition every time and always use nose weight gauge, had blowout in the seventies so it’s now a habit, my neighbor who recently started caravaning was told by friends that the nose weight was not important! I put him straight on that one.

  7. Roy Wearden says:

    Check tyres and torque wheel nuts
    and one thing I have yet to see on site nose weight the van is there only me gets funny looks on site
    40 years caravaner and p.s.v driver

  8. Brian Johnston says:

    Tyres are checked annually ,when it’s serviced, Visually check every time, should check every single time with pressure gauge ,when picking van up when I am checking lights etc . Must make a resolution

  9. Alan J Mason says:

    It’s vital that tyres & nuts are checked before each journey, but how many do.
    I always inspect the tyres on my Motorhome, I was surprised this year how suddenly cracks appeared in the sidewalls of my rear tyres, immediately replaced with Camper tyres of course.

  10. Geoff Stokes says:

    Yes, I agree with Wayne.
    A few years ago an MOT for caravans was put forward, there was an outcry against it, but I for one was all for it. Why isn’t it acceptable for an MOT for caravans. Tyres, brakes etc should be a top priority for safety on caravans.

  11. DOUGLAS DAVIES says:

    Retired lorry driver, second nature to check them before every journey.

  12. Wayne Timms says:

    They should make it law to have Caravans serviced regular and the issues a safety certificate.They should also give the servicing engineer the authority to say whether tyres should be changed or not there would be a lot less accidents involving Caravans, as a HGV driver I’ve seen many which are sole destroying

  13. Phil Tabinor says:

    I think it is also very important to check the torque of the wheel nuts before each trip.

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