Do you have a personalised number plate on your motorhome or tow car?

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  1. John Case says:

    Dear Liz,
    Thanks for your quick actions.
    Thanks again for such a useful blog – which I’ve just been using to find information about the legal need for seat belts in older motorcaravans as my daughter yesterday bought a 1993 VW Camper for her family. Found the correct info here! Now to persuade Jenny to use Caravan Guard insurance – as I do…
    Kindest, John.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      No problem John – thanks to you for pointing it out. And I hope we can welcome your daughter on board.

  2. John Case says:

    CAUTION! One of the contributors stated his full name – plus his DOB., as his reason for his choice of reg. plate. Probably unwise – as with this information any fraudster can use this information to gain much personal information! However, it is much appreciated that no fraudster would ever read our blog, but Justin Case!

  3. Ray Jones says:

    RJ02ETJ My initials and my wife’s initials. Easy way to remember the registration number, particularly with the now quite common systems in public carparks.

  4. John helliwell says:

    My no plate is my Birthday With my firs name…855 JON

  5. NEIL says:

    My wife and I bought our daughter plates for her 18th birthday HST96X….her name is Hollie Samantha Travis, she was born in 96 and a x (kiss) from Mum and Dad

  6. Jason whettleton says:

    I have just put a private plate on my tow car (Beemer) and one on my Sprite major 6td tourer’
    It’s my football team initials MANCHESTER CITY the year of the car and my name JAY MC06JAY
    was a lovely prezzie off my wife xx

  7. Phil Dipple says:

    I have S1X GB on my motorhome ” Sweet Freedom” and S11X GB on my scooter that goes on the back… It does confuse some people as to how I have the same number on both !! Sad I know, but what the hell !!
    It’s all good fun.

  8. Julie Tanner says:

    Yes – used to have T4 NER and T44 NER both bought for peanuts when they were released many moons ago but sold T4 back in the recession for a massive profit – keeping the latter tho as caravan is called MTM III as in the 3rd Mini Tanner Manor so like having it on the tow car and the Caravan (makes us happy and that’s all that matters!)

  9. Michael Kew says:

    Bought my wife Pat Kew plates for her 60th , then my Daughter Lisa Kew, So!! I thought why not,, I got my own , P60 Kew,, L60 Kew,, M60 Kew ,, they do look good altogether,,

  10. David Marsh says:

    I’ve had one of my number plates for many many years, RSU684 and also have a plate on one of my cars that came with it when first registered T4WAB so in effect not a private plate.
    I do have to say it saves all the head scratching when it’s needed to give the registration of your vehicle though. My motorhome though has a ‘normal’ plate. You have given me a reminder that someday I might just put the RSU684 on it as that is on retention at present.

  11. Dave says:

    R777 RNR fitted to our Autocruise Renoir spiced it up a little.

  12. George Mitchell says:

    My reg is on my car and caravan G 15 OAP which I got when I retired.
    My wife is called Gillian, she says when she drives the car
    “it stands for One Amazing Person”
    who am I to disagree.

  13. David duggins says:

    My plate DL12DUG on my Motorhome

  14. Steven says:


  15. KEN says:

    Had R10 KLT for years as it saves having to remember a new number every time change the car. The plate has both our forenames and surname ,so covers both the drivers.

  16. Brynley Bell says:

    Not a fan of personal plates. As an ex MOT tester I got a lot of grief from people with personal plates that were incorrectly spaced as this would be an MOT failure.
    If you have a personal plate incorrectly spaced buy another set correctly spaced and put them on for your MOT, saves a lot of bad feeling with the MOT tester and an MOT failure.

  17. dave says:

    what a waste of money a personal plate is i spend my money on food and beer a lot more fun than than a number plate that means nothink to anyone

  18. Laurie Cunningham says:

    Why do I keep getting e-mails enquiring if my personalised no. plate is a car or motorhome. I do not think that Saab made any motorhomes!

  19. Ken says:

    My num KC02 KEN
    Wife num KC02 ANN
    Son mum KC 52 DAN

  20. RODNEY TORDOFF says:

    My wife bought mine as a surprise when i bought her her new car… R40DNY. I suspect. Very personal and you do get the odd stranger using your name just to confuse you. Is it worth it? I would have to offer it up for sale to know the answer, not just yet.

  21. John D Shiel says:

    As I’ve growing older I have found it more difficult to remember the new style registration plates.
    Owning a small runabout car and at that time a campervan now motorhome I searched DVLA’s web site for cheapest suitable number plates.
    I found and purchased P 300 JDS & P600 JDS.

    Poseur 300 my initials for my 3 cylinder car & 600 for my six geared vans.

  22. Mike Helm says:

    Have got M11ELM on my car. Bought when released. Be careful though, I was pulled in by the boys in blue as I had “rearranged ” the spacing slightly. In the dark, in the rush hour, on the M40. Took the sergeant about 30 mins to tell me off, his mate looked rather sheepish in the car especially when sarge said he had seen the car previously but hadn’t had the chance to do me but would do it on the next opportunity! Useful use of expensive police time.

  23. Tim says:

    We always called our VW T5 the bus and a tiki being a spirit of freedom we have TK11 BUS My initials are also TK and to be honest we needed something easy as we could never remember the bland registration number it came with!

  24. Steven Doherty says:

    My plate is S25DOH. S is for Steve,25 day I was born, DOH first 3 letters of surname wife got it for me.

  25. Gary martyr benyon says:

    I have E4GMB for my wife elaine and myself bought on our 30th anerverserly

  26. Mike Walters says:

    My plate came off my 1960 Mini Cooper, 7189 MC, which I bought in 1972.
    Used to have it on my taxi, ( Mike’s Cab) and now I’ve retired its my ‘ Handle’ on all my Motorhome Club forums and email address , MykCamper!

  27. Campbell says:

    We have the following on my car H12 CGF which is Hi 2 Campbell & Gwen Foster.
    The Motorhome is H11CGF just to follow on from the car reg.
    The wife’s car has H12 MGF again that was Hi 2 Mrs Gwen Foster.
    All bought direct from DVLA


  28. TLC says:

    S4 OLC was for Saab for Olivia, Laurie & Catherine or Olivia Louise Cunningham or for Old Laurie Cunningham

  29. George Wade says:

    My no. is W28GEO a combination of my name and birth date.

  30. mel chapman says:

    all the motor-homes look the same now auto-trail swift you can spot your mate with easy when you see the reg i.e TWO4 MEL

  31. Ron Carthy says:

    My reg is RC60RON. (my initials, near age when I bought the number, and my name). I had it on my previous ‘van, a T5, in 2010.

  32. Tom Alexander says:

    My number is TA 3772 – was registered in Cambridge in 1926

  33. Haydon Edwards says:

    We bought ours at the DVLA auctions when they first came out.
    Looked at them as an investment, sold two but kept two and we’re in profit !
    My wife has 1 YE on her car (her initials) and we have 2 HSE (my initials) on our camprvan (She said she could only be number one !!)

  34. mike Jacobsen says:

    M70 JWJ bought for my 70th birthday

  35. Glenn says:

    M1GNL on the motor home and M7 GNL on the car. Also have seen a nice one in Norwich that used to be on a convertible Escort HER 70Y and looked like her toy.

  36. John Young says:

    My plate is

    JY 54 AYR

    My initials year of birth home town (though I’ve lived in Blackpool for the last 30 years!)

  37. Zeda Doreen Oliver Imogen Paula Gina Yasmin says:

    My car come with this plate on ZD01PGY
    Rather than spending 100’s on a private plate I changed my name by deed poll to Zeda Doreen Oliver Imogen Paula Gina Yasmin – bargain for £33 🙂

  38. Steve Bonar says:

    My initials for the wife….SB 04 KYM

  39. Colin Charlett says:

    Better things to spend my hard earned money on.

  40. Mike says:

    My reg is V R 02. M E R
    Wife’s int/ birth month and my int/

  41. Mike says:

    Had my plate for 33 years
    It is MAP320

  42. Al says:

    Mine’s AL51 VAN

  43. Graham W says:

    G20 LJW combination of my inishals house number and my wife’s inishals had for 15 years easy to rmember

  44. Andy Culley says:

    I have had a personalised plate for the last 20+ years. I was a police officer and the plate includes my collar number RIL 1345. At one time when I had a motorhome both vehicles had plates with 1345 in.
    I remember many years ago seeing a car with a brilliant plate. It was 21 DLE which read 2 IDLE
    There is Merc around here with the plate MR5 8ENZ I bet that cost !

  45. David Woodburn says:

    Had mine since they first came out.
    Easy to remember when asked for it.
    A2 DFW

  46. chris budd says:

    My number plate is C16 BUD
    Wife’s is JU06 BUD

  47. Steven Doherty says:

    My plate is S25DOH.

  48. Graham Henson says:

    My no is G14 CLR

  49. Graham says:

    My number plate is G11NCS

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