Do you have a tyre pressure monitoring system on your caravan?

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  1. Neil says:

    TPMS should become standard on caravans
    As someone has already mentioned the safety side of things and it is an early warning system.
    Manufacturers should do away with the ridiculous rear view camera like the one I have on my swift.
    Which is absolutely useless both caravans have been the same.
    Don’t no about motorhomes ?
    Would be better haveing TPMS probably cheaper to provide and fit on production.

  2. Tony B says:

    Like Paul Lander, I check my tyre condition on my caravan regularly at the storage site and before connecting to the car, check all tyre pressures, car and van.

    I have a pressure monitoring system in my BMW X1 and have thought about getting an after market TPMS and hopefully before next season, they will be fitted. It is common sense the more that you think about it.

  3. Paul Clarkw says:

    Not only do we have a TPMS but we have also had Tyron Bands fitted – these stop a deflated tyre leaving the wheel rim.

    We were on a site recently when a family arrived with a nice new twin axle caravan. They had suffered a deflated tyre on one axle, which they had no knowledge about as the other wheel kept things on the straight and narrow. The nice new alloy wheel suffered catastrophic damage.

    Had they have had a TPMS, they would have have a warning that the tyre was deflating.

    Insist on having both TPMS and Tyron Bands for peace of mind.

    These may be both aftermarket additions but it’s worth it – Bailey had already supplied and fitted the TPMS on our new Unicorn Cadiz.

  4. Paul Lander says:

    Check my caravan tyres regularly whilst in storage and not being used and always prior ( day before) towing and same upon leaving site.
    I feel car tyres are just as important ( perhaps more so, as these can be different pressures to normal driving) therefore will inflate at same time to van check before departing, then deflate upon arrival, then repeat same before leaving site and again deflate once home.

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