Do you use Wi-Fi or go screen free when in your caravan or motorhome?

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  1. bobimel says:

    Abroad and in most pubs in the UK you get free wifi, why not on club sites ?

  2. Mrs Robina Tucker says:

    In France most campsites have free wifi its time the club did the same.

  3. Keith Johnson says:

    I agree completely that there should be free Wi-Fi on club sites, just as there is elsewhere in 2017. Where else are we asked to pay for access?

  4. Jon White says:

    Screen free – a huge pleasure! If you are working and your job entails screens (as mine does), then a few days away is a pleasure.

    However, it is still useful to be able to stay in touch with family and friends on longer trips, so I guess it all depends on how long you are away….


  5. Richard says:

    Wi-fi is now just another way to gouge more money from the customer, campsites in UK are expensive enough.

  6. M Ranton says:

    I choose to go screen free because I refuse to pay the extortionate fees to connect to site wi-fi (though lots of sites do not have wi-fi connectivity).

  7. Larry E Hansen says:

    Too True and also where on their site do they have the best reception for that best signal!!

  8. C tyrrell says:

    I think in this day an age all club sites should have wifi free of charge lets face it we pay over the odds for camping there without all these extra charges it’s a money maker and l think it is a rip off

  9. TJB says:

    Strange that you regard WiFi and MiFi as somehow equivalent to each other and different to mobile, when MiFi is simply another device using mobile networks.

  10. Kitsell says:

    It would be nice, if Club sites, made it clear, which phone companies provide the best signal for their site.

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