Do you use a cover on your caravan or motorhome in winter?

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  1. Val Robertson says:

    We have just bought a top motorhome cover but haven’t fitted it yet. We didn’t want a full cover as they are so expensive, plus all the hassle of putting them on and off when we need to take the motorhome for a run every so often. Will have to see how the top cover is.

  2. Jean Stafford-we use our cover to protect our folding camper from direct rain damage,

  3. Phil Fairchild says:

    Bought a roof cover that is longer than the motorhome so goes over the bonnet and down the back. Have also a full cover but haven’t even opened it as this larger one does the trick. Can easily get in and out of the van to check all is well. Even the solar panel gets enough sun and light to keep batteries charged up.

  4. Barry Smith says:

    I used to leave my towing cover on during storage but found that dust accumulated and created difficult to remove marks and leaving it on meant that winter sunshine obviously couldn’t provide warmth into the van.

  5. Joan duffin says:

    Hope it helps to stop any ingress of heavy rain.

  6. Tony Jones says:


  7. Heard says:

    I did use a cover, but where we live in Cornwall the wind damaged the cover and also the cover rubbed the paint off all the corners and edges of the caravan

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