Poll: Do you weigh your motorhome before every trip?

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  1. dean wood says:

    i get mine weighed before every MOT . with full fuel and water tank . its always well under

  2. Andrew says:

    I weighed mine once. I half filled the water tank, half filled the fuel tank and loaded it with everything we would normally take on holiday. I went to a weighbridge, and with me in the driving seat it was 350kg under the max weight. I haven’t seen any need to weigh it since. Even my great big fat motorbike (which wouldn’t fit in the back anyway) only weighs 200kg, so there is no way that I will ever add the equivalent of two of those motorbikes to our going-away all-up weight.

  3. Bob Butler says:

    We normally weigh our camper van when we are goin on big trips abroad that’s when we have the maximum loading so we know when we camp in England we carry less.

  4. m lawrence says:

    Weighed once at weighbridge, would not weigh again unless added a significant weight item to the van.

  5. Peter ward says:

    I never fill my water tank before we go anywhere, I take 5Ltr bottle of water for tea and coffee and always fill up the water on arrival. Same for return journey empty the tank first and then get on our way.

  6. Kev Dawson says:

    I have a 12m 18 tonne coach converted to a motorhome / toy mover she weighs out at under 16 tonne with full tanks but no toys , the six MX bikes would only add 750kg
    We went down this route as almost all motorhomes at close or over weight so no spare for toys

  7. Jim says:

    I know I should get it weighed but just haven’t got round to it.
    Must make the effort before I go anywhere this year.

  8. Mar R says:

    Do you weigh your car before you take it out? No of course not so why weigh a van you use regularly?

  9. Ed says:

    We weigh a motorhome when we first get it and pack it with what we would like. Depending on what we learn we then adjust accordingly or we know what will add or subtract from the overall weight. If we are adding items we weigh them and mark it against a tally sheet we keep so we KNOW that we are within the max 3500kg of our van

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