Dogs on tour!

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  1. Janet says:

    Dogs and all animals are creatures of this earth and have as much right to be loved and respected as human beings. I completely dislike humans who think they are above them. These noxious individuals need to get a life and realise that we are God’s children.

  2. Ms Janet Duncan says:

    We have two dogs, they are secure on our pitch and on leads on the site, BUT we have noticed other people on the small CL sites do not control their dogs and when I complain I don’t want them on my pitch they say ‘they are just being friendly’. I give them the cold stare and say the rules say dogs on a lead on this site, please comply. I get back well you have two dogs…. Yes I say are they on your pitch NO. So please get your dog under control and off my pitch NOW.

  3. Sarah higgins says:

    Our Barney loves travelling. Loves people and other dogs wouldn’t be without him..

  4. A non dog lover. says:

    I am not a dog lover and never have been, but what astonishes me is how many caravan and motor home owners share their confined spaces with an animal, sometimes two or three. I shudder at the thought of wet dog in a confined space. I wonder whether , as an earlier post suggests, non dog owners simply didn’t respond to the survey.

  5. Harry says:

    We always take our dog on our camping trips. He’s not the best traveller but once we arrived on site he loves exploring and being in the great outdoors

  6. Tony Gillam says:

    As Oscar Wilde observed “Anyone who hates dogs & children can’t be all bad” 😉

  7. J. Rutherford says:

    The non dog owners have shown extremely good sense in not replying to this survey hence the skewed results. I have however recently noticed on sites that there is an increase in dogs which has led to loud barking, dogs wandering into other pitches and the inevitable dog waste on roadways and grassed areas. Not a pleasant experience.

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