Have you ever called your breakdown provider to deal with a flat battery?

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  1. Brian Woodcock says:

    We had a flat battery with no obvious cause when we were packed & ready to leave hunters moon, took the battery of the van & put on the motor to get us home, saved a lot of bother just a tip

  2. Michael Charlton says:

    No brag intended here. I have two cars, a large 4×4 for towing and a little run around for everyday use so consequently the 4x which is on a 15 plate may stand for two or three weeks during the winter months unused, naturally when it failed to start I was not a happy bunny. Not only did the car not start but all auxiliary, ie clock, sat nav ect required re setting. I telephoned the dealer who informed me that even though the car is at rest the electrical brain stystems continue to operate thus draining power from the battery. His suggestion was either run the engine for 30 mins or so each week, or connect a small solar panel resting it on the dash, and running a lead into a LIVE power point inside the vehicle. The solar panel cost me £14 from Halfords and comes with enough cable to stretch the interior length of the car. Up to now it works! M.C.

  3. Lesley Taylor says:

    As my motor home was in storage I had to go and start it up every month to prevent a flat battery but this did not always solve the problem. In the end I had to invest in a solar panel to keep the batteries topped up. It became an embarrassment when I had to call out the breakdown 3 times in as many months

  4. Andy Culley says:

    With a little care and thought a flat battery should never happen. Having said that there are occasions where batteries simply fail with no warning, but I would class that as a failure rather than a battery going flat due to overuse without being “topped up”

  5. Pat Bradley says:

    Was lucky enough to have a neigbour who is a machanic and has a power booster pack sort of thing that we connect up to my motorhome and away we go, he has been kind enough to do it twice this winter as it affects the alarm on the van.

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