How do you find your way on your caravan and motorhome trips?

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  1. john burrell says:

    I a paper map and my memory as I have been driving around most of the uk for nearly 60yrs and also the instruction in the caravan club site directory to get the last couple of miles to our destination

  2. Graham Pritchard says:

    We use a snooper sat nav for trucks and cars but sometimes turns are announced at the last second.wife can’t read maps so sat nav it is.

  3. Clare says:

    Road map, Google map to assist with pre journey planning, and directions from the relevant site.

  4. Mike Pearn says:

    We use a phone app -Navigator by map factor- and can choose what type of vehicle we have. Choice is limited so we say we are a truck. Works brilliantly!

  5. Rob says:

    I use a map initially plus maybe google street view if unsure of access, then tom tom sat nav on route. Works for me.

  6. Rob Cottrell says:

    Although I voted I use a built-in satnav this is used in combination with a map to avoid narrow, unsuitable roads.

  7. Stephen Wills says:

    I ultimately use a sat nav. The route always has influence from the site directory and checked on google maps before pin pointing the approach to the campsite with via points on the sat nav.

  8. Walkingbry says:

    We use a Garmin unit with a caravan setting and sites already installed, works so well we often leave it in caravan mode to avoid narrow lanes with no turning points and damaging brambles.

  9. Stephen McCullough says:

    I use my phone usually “HERE” maps used offline it also gives speed in km just as a double check when abroad and it was free so its a winner with me.

  10. George Wade says:

    I use a good, old fashioned, map plus google earth street view to have a look at the type of roads. That way I know what’s coming and can change route if necessary.Never had a problem.

  11. Chris says:

    Being a truck driver I use a portable truck sat nav as I am able to input length width and height of the unit has never yet let me down.

  12. Robert Crouch says:

    My 2017 Elddis Majestic 135 has a built in TomTom sat nav and I do use this, but, I always enter my destination and run on ‘demonstrate’ and check against a map or Google map to double check the sat nav takes me on the route that I want to travel. I also write the road numbers on a sheet of paper so I can follow if needed (in the past I have been going along the M4 and the sat nav showed local roads and I just didn’t know why, and recently going down the M5 to Devon the sat nav again was displaying local roads and telling me to turn ‘sharp right’ and later stated that I had ”reached my destination” which was Stowford Farm Meadow and I was still on the M5! So I do use my TomTom but I do not trust it at all. I have an old potable Garmin which has free lifetime updates and I am thinking about leaving the TomTom turned ‘off’ and using the Garmin.

  13. Maggie says:

    I navigate using maps and make a note of road numbers printed on a card attached to the dashboard with blutack. I also use Google Earth and Street View so that I will recognise waymarks when I see them. Works for me!

  14. M Tankielun says:

    I have travelled the length and breadth of this country for the past fifty odd years using the good old fashioned maps. With good forward planning we have always arrived at our destination without any problems.

  15. John Baughan says:

    Our motorhome has an in-built satnav which uses “lorry” settings and knows the size of the vehicle to make sure we don’t end up stuck in narrow lanes. We always have a map book and the site instruction as well because most site instruction tell you which routes to avoid.

  16. Mr ARTHUR D MITCHELL says:

    I use two apps on my phone one is google drive the other is called waze both work fine for yes you need a good signal for phone if none I still have my trusted maps

  17. a white says:

    I use the Caravan Club based Sat nav takes you right to the door!

  18. Mikee says:

    I use a map, then follow directions from the site and finally the portable satnav.

  19. John Knox says:

    I may be old fashioned, but I check on the map, make a note of road numbers and junctions, as well as site approach instructions,
    Then I put the destination into the in car sat nav.
    At least that way I can be sure of arriving at the correct site.

  20. David Birchall says:

    All I can say is that Sat Navs have saved more marriages than any other thing I can think of, especially if you consider driving through Paris, in rush hour, using the equivalent of an English AtoZ in French.

  21. David Lomas says:

    Survey doesn’t allow for the fact I use a Garmin portable Sat Nav most of the journey, and my wife has a map on her lap as “navigator” as well. Two systems used together, are better than one!

  22. Melanie Walker says:

    I use a standard map and then follow the directions given by the site for the last bit.

  23. R I Smart says:

    Whilst using the in-car sat nav is convenient I also use maps as back-up because of the vast areas without a decent signal.

  24. pauline says:

    we use the sat nav in the mondeo. oh, and a proper map. and any directions from the site. then we print out directions from Michelin route planner. We only get lost on the way home!!!

  25. Steve How says:

    We use Here on the phone but have a map as well for an overview and to gauge where we are on the journey.

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