Do you have a mattress topper on your motorhome or caravan bed?

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  1. Mary McLaren says:

    Duvelay all the way 5cm just fab, my husband also has one of their pillows

  2. June says:

    We have duvalays, had them for 11 years have gone from van to van and been used when we stayed at daughters.

  3. Barry Carter says:

    We have had three Motorhomes going on 14 years now. Our present motorhome is an Autotrail Apache 700 with three double beds. We have always used a 30mm Memory Foam Mattress Topper enclosed within in a duvet cover. I would agree with virtually all the comments in that it smoothes out the ridges and reduces wear where cushions are used, it mounds to the body and takes away any lumpiness, is warm in winter and cooler in summer. We tend to fold ours up and store them on the over the cab bed when not in use. We wouldn’t be without them. BC

  4. Dennis says:

    A 2″ thick piece of luxury foam does an excellent job for me at a much less cost than an over priced topper, and you can get it at what ever thickness you desire.

  5. Wendy says:

    I’m definately looking into purchasing a mattress topper, maybe a 4 or 5 inch one. Can anyone recommend one

  6. Phil Justice says:

    We use a mattress topper and a mattress protector in our Coachman 565 VIP. Adds real comfort to the beds . Bought from Snuglux , really good service and good quality.

  7. Maryann Plumbley says:

    I use a custom sized duvulay mattress topper and what was once good is now fantastic would not leave home without it and have now for them for my home bed too.

  8. Graham Preston says:

    We use a mattress topper because it smooths out all the dips between the cushions that make up the double bed

  9. Alexis Macleod says:

    Yes. We bought a 3 inch mattress topper. We have a Knaus Sun Ti and the bed was too hard. Now we get a great sleep.

  10. Peter Dunn says:

    We also have a mattress topper along with a quilted protector. We have placed these inside a quilt cover which acts as a sheet and keeps everything in place when we stow away after use.

  11. Jean Maston says:

    We use Duvalay toppers one standard, the other larger and thicker. Both are just right and definitely make camping more comfortable, especially in reducing aches and grumbles in the morning. I still do the odd short solo trip with just a sleeping bag on the sofa cushions which is completely ok but not so luxurious.

  12. Chris pope says:

    Covers the join between motorhome cushions etc very comfy.

  13. Sarah says:

    We have been using a 5cm Mattress topper for over a year now it has made a big difference and it was money well spent, i would definitely recommend getting one but spend a little more and get a good one.

  14. Richard Messenger says:

    We use a mattress protector anyway, and for the first time last month used a quilted mattress topper, the bed was comfy before, now it’s sumptuous!!

  15. Patricia Worth says:

    We thought it was just because we are old codgers that our seats/mattresses were getting less comfy but the addition of mattress toppers has been wonderful. Ours have covers and are on the daytime seats/night time mattresses 24/7 so they are used for daytime sitting and snoozing too. Ours are inexpensive ones from Amazon but would recommend them to anyone wanting a better nights sleep.

  16. Mike Hodge says:

    We use Duvalay mattress topper’s wonderful.

  17. Tony Soan says:

    We’ve got a 4″ topper on, and it’s still not comfy. We’re thinking of getting new mattresses instead.

  18. Jeanette JONES says:

    Our campervan bed is a rock and roll type and not a standard size, so I bought two double duvet covers, 2 single duvets and a small double memory foam mattress which I cut in two. Then I created 2 individual duvet/mattresses by stitching up each duvet cover to accommodate the mattress in one section and the duvet cover into the other section,lay them on the bed together and they fit perfectly. Then they can easily be rolled upand stored in the under bed compartment when not in use.

  19. Margaret whitfield says:

    I am very interested in purchasing a mattress topper for a 2 berth caravan but have seen very few of these.

  20. Ellie says:

    Looking for something at the moment

  21. W G Blakey says:

    Have had toppers for about 20years transferred from van to van

  22. A Forrester says:

    We have been using a topper for the last 6 years, and its fantastic would not go away without it.

  23. Dawn Rose says:

    We purchased a topper for a better night sleep on long holidays and we’ve not been disappointed.

  24. Eddie says:

    Yes we have 5cm mattress topper on each bed as we find the Swift Valay mattresses too firm

  25. Norman Chandler says:

    Used it for the first time last weekend – now wonder how we managed without one

  26. Ady says:

    Good idea.

  27. Mrs Yvonne Bell says:

    I also have a mattress protector as well as the topper for even more comfort.

  28. Paul Fletton says:

    Very interesting, I feel you need a topper for your motorhome seats

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