Which family pet do you take on your motorhome or caravan holidays

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  1. Emma Pitt says:

    We recently have purchased a caravan especially for the purpose of being able to take our dog on holiday with us. The first trip out was very successful. Here’s to many more trips.

  2. Tony ash says:

    We have a border collie called ‘Jay Jay’ & he goes with the wife & I every time we are out in the caravan. We do not leave him at home at all. When I get the caravan out, he will sit by the car & will not move until he is allowed in! In other words ‘you are not going to leave me here I am going too’
    Would not be without him!

  3. Roger Payne says:

    We always take our Mastiff, and often our cat comes as well, with no problems, the cat is an indoor cat at home so she does not want to go out of the caravan, and sleeps on the back bunk. The dog prefers to sleep in the back of the estate car, with a Ventloc in to give her air in summer. In winter she comes into the caravan. Dog is frightened of the cat so she is on her best behaviour.

  4. Graham Bird says:

    We take our cockatiel,Tino, with when we caravan. She is 18 years old and thoroughly enjoys it. She either sleeps or preens when we are traveling showing she is relaxed with the journey. We have travelled the length and breadth of the country with her and her partner before he died a few years ago. She even has a bit of a fly in the awning, ALL exits blocked of course!!

  5. Sue Wiltshire says:

    It wouldn’t be the same without my black SharPei boy, the two of us have such great holidays together .

  6. A Fox says:

    Our Weimaraner & Hungarian Vizsla join us in the Motorhome on each & every outing. Yup, a little more thought on where to place soft crate for travel purposes would be good. The Weimy is on a harness & she is trained to remain under the dinning table (whilst in motion) / the H. Vizsla is in her soft crate for security. The Burstner is very well organised, however, not much thought provision for travelling dogs.
    No, we will not place them in the garage – too many hard edges should there be any unexpected impact from other road users!

  7. Maryann Plumbley says:

    Well I also spend a lot of time showing my dogs during the summer in my mh and I have purchased the mh to suit my needs i.e. a big boot to carry my garden etc., plus if I choose not to put up the residence awning which the dogs normally sleep inside of in cages then they can sleep in the boot in cages. For travelling I am lucky with my size of dog to be able to put a couple of biggish cages on the floor which the dogs travel in. Had I need more space I would take the seating cushions off and strap the cages to the seats. However I agree with a little thought they could better customise mh for our needs if only in the boot area – have a package you can buy i.e. windows in the doors better security around wiring etc., to ensure if the dog is inside and using the boot as a cage – i.e. for larger dogs, that is it dog friendly.

  8. Jerry Dunnet says:

    We take our two Jack Russell dogs with us wherever we go in the Moho. Just finished a week in the Peak District, with a visit to Alton Towers!!

  9. Bill Bradnock says:

    We have 2 Jack Russell Terriers who love the motorhome.
    Fudge lies under the swing table on the left bunk and Buddy lies on the floor, keeping an eye on us.

  10. Joyce Turner says:

    I take 7 dogs and the cat. Your poll doesn’t let me select both dog and cat.
    The biggest problem I have had with finding a motorhome is that there is nowhere to put dog caging in most of them. There isn’t even anywhere to secure one or two dogs. A lot of dog competitors spend every weekend in the summer camping at shows, but no-one is catering for this huge market when they design motorhome or campervans.

  11. Neil Griffin says:

    12 year old Iori (Yori) sleeps on the passenger seat but has a habit of nosing the front curtains back so he can see out (and everyone else can see in)!! He’s a good guard dog as well when parked up and we can’t take him somewhere with us.

  12. Tony Cain says:

    Unable to send photo of Gwilym Villan driving Car-apparently\!!Too Big!!

  13. Barry Carter says:

    We Motorhomed with Rodi a chinchilla for 10 years. Unfortunately he’s dead now but when he was alive he traveled with us around Britain probably three times over from one end to the other, summer and winter. We hope he misses us as much as we miss him.

  14. John Parker says:

    We take our 11 year old Labrador/Dalmatian cross with us everywhere we go in our motorhome. She travels between the front seats on a seatbelt harness and wouldn’t let us go without her. She loves every minute of being away in the motorhome.

  15. Ken and Lin fowkes says:

    We have a South African boerboel and a Staffordshire boxer cross and they travel everywhere with us including Portugal in the winter. They travel well and love the life.

  16. Jennie says:

    We take our red fox Labrador with us wherever we go. We have a garage with a door into the cab so the dog has his bed in the garage but is able to join us in the living area. This works perfectly.

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