Poll: Do you have a tyre pressure monitoring system on your motorhome?

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  1. Mark Sweeney says:

    I have a set of 4 Snooper TPMS fitted to my motorhome.Check tyre pressures regulary and particularly before a trip.Check each tyre pressure using a digital gauge setting all the same.Continuosly monitor when driving but find pressures and temperatures differ quite a bit on each wheel.Never sure what one is right but have set low and high alarms at +- 10 psi so they do tend to fall between those figures but not really sure how accurate thay are.

  2. Robert Wilson says:

    Just got Bailey motorhome with inbuilt system.It is set at 50psi in front & 80 at rear.My last motorhome had a similar weight with 60 in front & 65 in the back & got a good ride & over 22k miles on a set of tyres. If I change the Bailey its off to the peugeot garage & £60 to reset the system.

  3. Jeff Illidge says:

    Fitted a TyrePal Solar system a few years ago on our Twin Rear wheel Mercedes Motorhome and glad I did when we had a valve fail on the outside rear wheel. The alarm went off and I had time to pull onto the hard shoulder, without this I could have carried on driving while the tyre deflated and possibly shreaded damaging the side of the motorhome

  4. Raddy says:

    I have Twin Rear Wheels and need to know if rear inners are on the way down while the outers hide this

  5. Tim Jones says:

    I always check the pressures before we go off in the van. I agree with Barry Carter about accepting your own responsibility and having kit that you don’t need that becomes a bit of a drag when it goes faulty.

  6. Chris Booth says:

    Some of our trucks have them, we do 60000 to 125000 miles a year. Pressure monitors often seem to indicate a problem indicating low pressures. Nothing is better than daily checks before journeys. Observations made throughout journeys and using a pressure gauge if your unsure.

  7. Paul Wilsdon says:

    I bought two from aliexpress ( one was a incorrect purchase ) but did not check the maximum monitoring pressure so thats why I purchased two. The range for low and high pressure can be changed to suit. Also I have just had my tyres replaced which were 8+ years old and now the pressure and temperatures are constant and all increase or decrease together where with the old tyres there was always a difference in both temperature and pressure.

  8. John Hajok says:

    Retro fitted mine but got fed up with constant alarms for no valid or real reason, so removed it.
    Instead, I now check the tyre pressures much more often.

  9. gregory w brown says:

    always had a tpms fitted mine is retro fitted as its nice to know if you have a slow puncture etc even if you have checked your pressures a puncture can happen anytime whilst your are traveling and gives you an early warning of a problem

  10. had a tpms on my van since new, it was an inbuilt feature along with liquid in the tyres to prevent punctures, which is great and works very well, never had a puncture but the tpms showed a deflation in the tyres once after it had snowed, which I would not of noticed if it had,nt of told me

  11. Barry Carter says:

    I don’t have a TPMS fitted as I have been motorhoming now some 15 years across three Motorhomes and every time I take it out on tour over 20 miles.I religiously check the tyres pressures with a gauge. I am reluctant to have a TPMS fitted as I understand that ‘as of the 1st January 2015, a vehicle displaying a TPMS fault when submitted for its MOT WILL result in a test failure’. This is yet another piece of technology that takes away the responsibility to check ones tyres and I also believe in the saying ‘if it ain’t there it can’t go wrong’.

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