Poll: Do you use a motorhome reversing aid?

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  1. Dylan Thomas says:

    Two camera’s, one engages when reversing and one which is on continually whilst Motor Home is in motion, I use this one to monitor the tow car is still travelling behind safely and checking its clear to regain the nearside lane after overtaking. Also use passenger for fine tuning when reversing when pitching up as camera angle doesn’t pick up overhanging trees, bushes and some kerbs.

  2. Barry Carter says:

    Yes I use my Motorhome’s reversing camera in conjunction with the wing mirrors, it’s a 7.5 mtr vehicle. Once I drove half a mile down a road to a bridge that was being closed due to flooding, and due to cars blocking one side of the road had to reverse the half mile back, I won’t say it was easy but you very quickly learnt how to reverse.

  3. Carl Egginton says:

    My wife and I are both blue badge holders so we do rely on the camera in conjunction with the wing mirrors . The camera removes any stress for us which means we can still enjoy our motorhome .

  4. Andy Lowe says:

    I also use the reversing camera as a rear view mirror. As I tow a trailer with a vintage car on it, which is narrower than the motorhome, I can use it to see if the trailer and car are alright and still there!!

  5. Tim Jones says:

    I can’t use my reversing camera if I have bikes on the rack. I think that one should improve ones driving skills by just using mirrors (and passenger aid when it’s close).

  6. Mrs Shorthouse says:

    Our vehicle has a reversing camera but we use walkie talkies. The camera gives you a reasonable view but should only be used as an aid. We do not rely on it after reversing onto a pitch that was backed by a sloping grass bank, not a good result!

  7. George Kemp says:

    I have a separate reversing camera and a rear view camera both with one way mic’s so can hear a friends directions as the reversing camera doesnt show the outer corners of the motorhome

  8. alan wilson says:

    I find using the reversing camera and the large rear view door mirrors more than ample to use and reverse with great accuracy my camera is not one that shows lines for distance guidence just a picture but the way it is set up I can reverse with ease everytime if need be and stop from a wall with as little as 2″ to spare you just do not need any other help if your a good and convident driver that is .

  9. John Carrick says:

    I use my reversing camara and mirrors, but the best option is passenger guidance.

  10. Alastair Sharp says:

    In my view, a reversing camera is essential! And it doubles nicely as a good rearview mirror.

  11. Kenneth Lee says:

    The system has not allowed me to show that my motorhome has both sensors and a reversing camera.

  12. Mike Hobbs says:

    Poll only allowed one option and you use all options as appropriate ie camera and sensors or possibly passenger.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      I’ve the option to pick more than one but we’re looking for the main reversing aid used. I’ve also added reversing camera and sensors, if you want to choose that. Thanks for pointing this out.

  13. Graham Taylor says:

    I get out of my vehicle and look round then reverse into the space easy

  14. Ralph Brunjes says:

    I have a reversing camara and parking aids, and when availible my wife to help if it is a really tight spot. We do have hand held radios but my wife does not like to use them for some reason.

  15. Mark Sweeney says:

    Did use camera until duped into buying a bike rack by dealer which now obstructs camera. Don’t want to remove and change rack now as going to have too many unsightly holes through back.

  16. Paul Knight says:

    I have reversing sensors and two cameras plus a passenger who could use our walker talkies.

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