Poll: Have you ever had damp in your motorhome ?

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  1. Bryan steedman says:

    had water leaks on swift vans so bought a hobby new in 2016 this August water leaking in rear of van not a little a lot. enough to bale out to say I was angry is an understatement water made it’s way through two lots of sealant this is unacceptable thought the Germans were better but no

  2. Ian Dunsmuir says:

    We bought a new Elddis in 2012 and had a few teething problems with damp in several locations. All were quickly and effectively dealt with by the supplying dealer, but as a new build we were not impressed with the quality of the workmanship on the external joints. Since being dealt with by the dealer we have had no dampness issues, partly due to our diligent precautions especially during the winter months.

  3. richard leadbitter says:

    had two new motorhomes 2012 plate and a 2013 plate, both elddis, both had water ingress in the back panels on their first service, the 2013 model had to have a complete new rear panel as it had not been glued, second service the side canopy was removed as it had not been screwed down properly when built and had allowed ingress at their fixing points, dumped the darn things and went back to a non wood caravan, here;s hoping, fingers and toes crossed as shoddy workmanship with non skilled labour is now the norm.

  4. Laurence Watts says:

    Ensuring all cupboards doors are open stops pockets of damp forming, also I found having all the blinds shut created pockets of condensation forming , so I leave them open now! Removal of ALL soft furnishings/bedding (including Mattress, curtains etc) greatly reduces damp build up!? Finally place 4 to 6 (depending on size of van) of those cheap damp soaking cartons around the van!
    ALTERNATIVELY , keep using your van throughout the entire year so it remains a constant cosy mobile home ??? LOL

  5. M. Ranton says:

    Now I use a breathable campervan cover and leave several damp traps inside the van over winter. This seems to keep damp at bay.

  6. OWEN ASHMEAD says:

    We now have after a full season of touring the country our 5 year old motorhome winterised, and on hook-up at home with a de-humidifier running constantly with the humidistat set at a pre determined setting to keep the humidity at a low level, the tank needed emptying every 2-3 days at first, but now it only pulls about a litre or less a week now if that , and the interior is very much damp/condensation proof, plus the ALDE wet heating system is also set at the recommended 5deg(c) to avoid the frost worry , so hearing about de-humidifiers on the blogs made me use the one we have had in the cupboard for years, and it works perfectly.

  7. david glendinning says:

    damp/water ingress.first place to look underside where wall board butts to flooring.now its time to worry.

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