Community Poll: How often do you check your tyres?

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  1. Dave McGrath says:

    I have Ultra Seal fitted in my tyres. I changed the tyres in July of this year when they were 6 years old. Both rear tyres had Nails in them and not one drop in pressure and the treads at 30,000 miles still legal.New tyres again fitted with Ultra Seal so checks on pressure rare.

  2. Andrew Taylor says:

    VERY useful gadget is an infra-red thermometer!!
    You can do a 30 second check of all 6 (or 8!) wheels and brakes.
    Item 220790 is a cheap one at Maplin, there are several on eBay at half that price. They may not be a million% accurate – it is DIFFERENCE in tyre temperature that matters.
    I point it at all 6 tyres and all six brake discs/drums (car/’van) at every stop.
    Any significant temperature difference requires explaining.
    NB driving a long distance with the sun to one side will give a left/right difference but this is surprisingly standard between the three tyres on each side, usually 2 to 4˚C higher on the sunny side.

  3. Lawrence Phillips says:

    I check tyres and wheel-nut torque before every break but not before each time I use the caravan, as in touring. If there is a significant weather change, say from hot to mild, I recheck tyres before moving on or returning as the pressures will have altered. Also, before checking wheel-nuts, I slacken them off first, (just a small pinch back) otherwise one progressive stretches the threads. Although the stretch each time is minimal, it does accumulate..

  4. Philip says:

    I check my tyres and Torque wheel nuts before EVERY trip.

  5. John Robbins says:

    Hi folks. Re tyre pressures. I check mine, along with wheel nut torque before every trip. I also check pressures every 3-4 weeks when in storage. (and I,m still adamant that caravans do not need an m.o.t. All the best. John.

  6. Mr Lomas says:

    In response to your article for checking tyres. As a HGV & Coach driver we have to fill in a check sheet everytime we take a vehicle out, otherwise VOSA can prosecute if they stop and find a fault. I have long believed from following Vans that anyone towing should also have to do the same. On a trip this last weekend down the A1 two vans had blowouts between Wetherby and the M62 turnoff,both vans over 5yrs old. what a shame that ‘Dad’ didn’t do his vehicle check and spoilt the holiday and missed the ferry! Maybe also members may not realise that VOSA will probably be doing more towing vehicle checks this summer with regard overloading and rear lights not working properly. Not an experience you will be happy with!
    None thankyou but it might be advantages to contact VOSA and enquire what their powers for the future might involve regards towed vehicles and motorhomes as I am sure I have seen something in the Trade mags on future legislation. thankyou

  7. Irene Dale says:

    I check my tyres before every journey, and, if the caravan is standing without being moved for any length of time, I check the tyres in between as well. I am also getting a torque wrench to check the bolts too, now that one one has actually shown me how to use one!

    • It’s not always easy Irene! We asked a caravan servicing expert, based in North West Wales for advice on this, he recommended that you:

      1. Check tyre pressure and wheel nuts every time you travel: steel wheels should be 90Nm torque and alloy wheels 115Nm
      2. Change tyres when 5 years old from date on tyre (unless damaged before) and look for sidewall cracks – including on the spare wheel
      3. Always use a torque wrench to check wheel nuts / bolts and check the handbook.

      Remembering these three simple points should make your lives a little easier!

  8. Pioneer (Motorhoming-wild) says:

    Tyre pressure’s checked before every trip at local garage before they get the chance to heat up

  9. MykCamper says:

    Always check pressures before going on a long trip, then visually inspect every time before going on the road and at every rest stop on a long journey.

  10. Brian lewis says:

    Motor home is fitted with tyre pal systems so is monitored every time we use it.

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