Poll: Where do you store your caravan or motorhome?

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  1. Vaughan Hencher says:

    I agree with Jackie, so only have mine at home to wash it but it’s secured elsewhere. I too don’t want the tea leaves to know I’ve gone away to rip off my house even if I do have a burglar alarm.

  2. TonyD says:

    Motorhome also has steering lock and wheel lock inside locked steel gates. Tracker fitted. We live at the end of a Close so the vehicle is not visible from the main road. Security lighting on the adjacent garage and cctv waiting to be fitted

  3. Paul Clarke says:

    You are perfectly correct in your assumption regarding your premises but your neighbours can keep an eye on your property but if you have a comprehensive alarm system fitted tha5 will work a treat. When I say comprehensive, apart from having the right sensors in the right rooms you want an active anti-tamper bell box at the front and on the rear which is illuminated so as to be easily visible by any would be offender. Also having a dial out unit in order that you are notified should an activation occur is a bonus – but be careful of which company you use, there are some real rip off merchants out there

  4. Jackie says:

    Unfortunately as someone has pointed out if a professional thief wants your van they can bypass all and every security devices but what you can do is deter the opportunist thief.
    I’d like to flip this round and ask if anyone has the same concerns as me which is vans are so prominent when parked at our homes – so when they are not there it can be assumed we’ve gone away in them leaving our homes vulnerable. That plays heavily on my mind.

  5. Ian MacKenzie says:

    We use a secure site, not cassoa approved, but as secure, this is due to a lack of suitable sites in our area (East Kent) meaning those that are approved are permanently full.

  6. Andrew says:

    We have the Al-ko security features as well as a Thatcham approved chain that goes through the offside wheel and through the chassis. These chains mainly for motorcycles can withstand at least twenty minutes of ‘attack’. Also CCTV and associated security lights. The caravan is on our drive and is in full view at all times.

  7. Gerard Stokeld says:

    Van stored at home which is the only property at the top of a small cul-de-sac in a market town. The van is set back alongside a double-garage under a caravan port and can only be seen by visitors on the property. The van has both a Purpleline hitchlock and wheel clamp and is always left with the Emove in its activated position. In addition, a factory-fitted tracker is always activated together with the CriS enhanced chip. Gates to the drive can be closed and locked with a Gold Standard motorcycle lock. This set-up has never been breached despite being relatively minimalist. Can any deterrent save your pride and joy from ‘professional’ thieves ??

  8. Mr. G. Burch says:

    In addition to al-ok secure wheel lock, al-ok hitch lock, I also have rear steady locks, ground anchor to A frame and the caravan is alarmed and factory fitted with a tracker, it also has vin extra Chris registered

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