Poll: Would you ever consider a seasonal caravan pitch?

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  1. Cath Craigan says:

    This year we have it on a seasonal pitch instead of having it put on pitch then having to assemble everything. We have used it more and great to arrive and everything in place! Obviously the more we use it the more economical it becomes, saving on household bills as well

  2. David Lomas says:

    What’s the point of buying a Tourer, if you are not going to tour in it? If you want to stay put in one place, a static or holiday chalet would give you much more room, and there is no risk of seized brakes or perished tyres if you want to hit the road again. I certainly wouldn’t want to tow or trust the tyres on a tourer after being sat in the same place for months on end, very dangerous!

  3. Martin Bailey says:

    Have been seasonal since 2015, now on another site seasonal again. Lock up & leave no hassle brings a whole new meaning to Chill Caravaning ☺☺☺

  4. Dave Roberts says:

    We have seasonally pitched for several years and found we get far more use out of van this way. We are able to take the van off pitch when we like to tour – for us its proved to be the best of both worlds – although not the cheapest.

  5. Andrew says:

    Would like to try this sometime as our unit doesn’t really get used as often as we would like. And if we could do this locally to us it means we could have a weekend away without the ‘hassle’ probably every weekend throughout the summer months. But having written that our unit is based at home so its really just work that gets in the way most of the time. Would mean that we don’t get to go away with the local DA of the CCC……. Perhaps we should give up work as well……;-)

  6. james reed says:

    ok, its good to explore peoples preferences

  7. Thomas ivinson says:

    Never again tried three times.

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