Community Poll: Are reversing cameras for caravans or motorhomes an essential investment?

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  1. Mark Harrison says:

    For a motorhome (especially the larger ones) I beleive that they should be a standard fitment as it’s virtually impossible to see whats close behind the vehicle. Can’t comment much on thier use on a caravan but I suspect that they would be a useful addition but possibly not as much as for a motorhome…

  2. David Marsh says:

    I’ve been using the aid of a rear view camera for more years than I care to remember. Surely, any aid no matter what, is far better than none.

  3. richard leadbitter says:

    having a disabled wife it is agreat benefit for reversing as it saves jumping in and out, even clever boys don’t get within the inch every time, it also serves well when checking behind as it opens the blind spot up, best money i ever spent, i also have one on the car which is handy as the rear windows these days are usless,

  4. Diane Ward-Cairns says:

    What is there to comment about!!! For everyone’s safety wouldn’t be without ours in our motorhome, should be compulsory.

  5. Barry Keylock says:

    The twin rear cameras on our motorhome are essential. One acts as a rear-view mirror when driving, the other as a close-up reversing aid. If you are manoeuvering solo they are essential. You can see proximity to any obstacles and avoid any oblivious pedestrians. They also aid accurate positioning on pitch. What’s not to like?

  6. Graham says:

    My concern about having cameras as standard would be that drivers become too reliant on aids. I believe that any one towing a caravan or trailer should understand the length breadth and width of their unit. when towing it is best to be alert to all things around you, if you you cant see where you are reversing, get out and have a look before you reverse!
    Different if you have a disability!

  7. Brian Richards says:

    Have an interior rear view mirror that doubles up as a monitor. Fitted to the caravan is a number plate camera.
    This is on all the time when towing, very good for seeing cycles or motor bikes and pedestrians in those hidden areas.
    Ex Paramedic so all to aware of reversing errors.

  8. Keith SANSOME says:

    Despite having held various licences eg Fork lift, Heavy crane HGV 3,2,&1 for many different vehicles I’m a big believer that an “AID” is just an aid but is most welcome in assisting you to carry out your driving safely. I have used reversing aid and they have proved good as you will always have a blind side.

  9. Jock says:

    I have fitted cameras to my car (wireless version) and my minibus (Wired) with which I tow a caravan. They are great and I wouldn’t be without them now. They allow me to get into parking spaces easily and in the case of the minibus is positioned so that I can see the tow ball. Hitching up is so easy without help. I intend to fit one to the rear of the caravan, permanently live for overtaking and reversing(My combination is 45 feet long and the caravan is twin axle so has to be driven backwards into most spaces).

  10. Stephen Williams says:

    While I agree that camera technology can be very helpful. I do not agree that it is essential. I have opted for the motor mover as a solution to placing the caravan on site and in storage. with the remote control you can position yourself at any point around the caravan. If you are using the camera as an overtaking aid, then that is a different situation. Some camera systems will only be active while in reverse. The question would be is it legal to have a camera and screen active while driving

  11. brian creed says:

    I tow my caravan with 3 diferent classic cars this would be costly I think although a good idea if not confident.

  12. Colin says:

    I’ve worked using rear view cameras for a number of years on lories and plant. Once you get used to them they become part of your everyday life & I wouldn’t want to be without one now.
    To be honest, I don’t know if I’d fit one on our van because we don’t use it that much (two holidays & a service trip per year) but for a regular caravanner a camera would certainly be a good idea.
    My last two camera kits have been flat screen colour with sound, made by Brigade & they’re brilliant.

  13. Brian Casey says:

    I had a system fitted to the caravan after being single handed following the death of my wife. A great help to know who is behind you but too wide an angle for real help in reversing. I am having conflicting opinions about fitting a camera to the car to give a better image to the “dark mirror” monitor, which is switchable for two inputs.

  14. Richard Taylor says:

    Agree with Geoff Blyth re continental driving. As for parking, sensors on my car have proved very helpful so must be useful on a van. Never a bad idea to know what or who is right behind you when driving, parking or setting off or even getting up in the morning in an aire – few of us are going to dismount on every occasion to look! Cameras for both safety and peace of mind make good sense.

  15. Geoff Blyth says:

    We have a two lens system fitted, and is not only perfect for reversing (stop within one inch of anything ) But also the rear view lens is perfect for european motorways (which in the main are two lane) and makes overtaking lorries etc much safer, (ever noticed how fast drivers are on the continent !!) Much safer than trying to judge speeds in the mirror thats on the “wrong” side. Should be standard fitting !!!

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