VIDEO: The importance of an annual caravan service

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  1. Dave says:

    Whither is an MOT or service I think it should be mandatory that is done every year not only for the owners/user safety but for other van users near them on site to ensure that every thing is a in safe working order

  2. Andrew Good says:

    Unless I have missed something, I cannot see what else an annual MOT check would do that a full service doesn’t. Perhaps the industry should lobby Government to say that an annual service by an approved dealer is an MOT. That would make sure that caravanners do indeed have their outfit properly serviced.

  3. Colin Bradford says:

    Good info and advice.
    Although not a legal requirement to have a service every year, It is vitally important for one’s family safety. Particularly with newer more complex caravans and older vans, even if only used occasionally as brakes and gas checks are essential.

  4. Rob Hayes says:

    I find that if you have your van serviced halfway through the season, if anything goes wrong in the early part of the season you can get it done on the service because reason being you drained down the system and then you wake it up & use the caravan for a few outing giving time for things to settle down, that’s my thinking and opinion and it works fine for me, but not for everyone.

  5. F W Glover says:

    Good advice, informative and concise with nearly all queries dealt with.Message should encourage us to get our ‘vans serviced for the coming season soonest.

  6. Bruce Graham says:

    Good article. Always get your caravan serviced especially the running gear for safety reasons.

  7. Steven Walker says:

    good information thanks
    encourages people to ensure caravan is serviced

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