The new GO LIVE Camper & Caravan Sat Nav from TomTom

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  1. Jake says:

    I have recently purchased this from Halfords and got £20 off. We are currently using it with our Motorhome on a trip to Italy via Luxembourg/Alps. It has been fantastic! I loaded additional POIs via there app that also works on Mac OS unlike others. It has not let us down or taken us on smal roads. It has diverted us round traffic and found every site we have programmed in. It has also been helpful when finding cash machines and fuel. It is pricey but very well made, clear screen and clear directions. Highly recommended.

  2. Jonty Wild says:

    I have received notification that the maps can be purchased for my GoLive 1000 (and other releative new models), however when I went to the website it is ‘not yet’. Presumably ‘coming soon’ (although that phrase often doesn’t mean much to TomTom – they used it a lot for my model when I bought it and to wait nearly a year for a lot of the functionality advertised) but how much. Personally I am interested at a sensible price, but would like to read a review on how i works.

  3. Mike Sheldrick says:

    I have a snooper ventura lite 6000 this is especially for caravaners and has camping sites etc on it.I have used it for miles and miles and has never got me into any trouble unlike the Tom Tom i give to my son.

  4. Neil |Findlay says:

    Good to see TomTom come up with something most motor home owners would like to have I can only hope this product is better then the rest of the range of TomTom products which appear to be dogged by trouble once new maps are loaded onto them

  5. Raymond Brookfield says:

    I have used a 720 sat nav for many years at home and abroad in a motor home, the only fault was it did not recognise narrow roads or low bridges, only once did I have to turn round because of a low bridge,I would like to have the use of a system that gave the information about narrow roads, will the tecnology be available for my sat nav

  6. george says:

    they should have unsuitable ” roads ” in their data NOW

  7. Zena Colwill says:

    Great idea, but seams a bit steep at an RRP of £349.99!!

  8. michael parrott says:

    Great news about tom-tom sat nav for caravans etc. Nice to see some more competition in the sat nav market place.

  9. keith mcpherson says:

    mention caravan or any other camping activity !!!!!!!!!!!
    let’s think of a number, double it and add the age of old father time – that seems like a good price.
    my point being, a sat-nav can be purchased now for £60 or less and it will get you “there”. OK it will not tell you to avoid SUTTON BANK but us camper type’s all know it’s there and to be avoided.£350 ,although i thought of this concept years ago i think it is as usual over priced

  10. les c. says:

    far too expensive, for limited extra benefit of being caravan/motorhome specific. when you can buy tom tom sat navs from £99 and most smartphones have satnavs built in

  11. Richard welford says:

    £350 is to much. I wonder if I will be able to just download the software to my existing Tom Tom from the website at say £40. Just a thought

  12. John says:

    Will i be able to upgrade my Tom Tom go live 550 or will
    i have to buy a new one

  13. Des Byrne says:

    As usual TomTom come to the party late there are others already in the market. Of course there’s the usual premium around an extra £150 to £200 on the price of the average TomTom device! Stinks really, what we want is a way to include the right kind of information into existing devices either TomTom or any other. Someone able to do this would make an absolute fortune, as opposed to the presumed fortune TomTom are going to make of course! Be interesting to see exactly what they do come out with and compare it to the one’s about at the moment, sadly all manufacturers place a premium price on these specialist one’s, they must presume we are all very wealthy!

  14. Les Udale says:

    As I already own a Tom Tom will I be able to purchase an application to load onto my Tom Tom without the need to buy a new Tom Tom device

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