Thiefbeaters caravan insurance discount launched

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  1. Andrew Wrigley says:

    We too have datatag and again few insurers seem to accept it despite it covering almost every part of the vehicle in one way or another as you’ll be aware if you too have it. Seem’s most people I know who do have an alarm either disconnect it due to so many false alarms OR simply don’t use it yet a discount is applied at insurance time ! Our van is never, and I mean never without its wheel clamp fitted, even if we’re only leaving it attached to the car when we stop anywhere and leave the vehicle at all, a VERY visual deterrent I find, people even have laughed at me fitting it in motorway services whilst we go eat or whatever but it’ll probably be me having the last laugh when its their van that’s just been unhitched and towed off up the motorway, hitchlocks don’t seem to deter some thieves they use a scaffold pole and a chain/lock to strap it to the back of their tipper transit… opp’s , I mean car.

  2. Chez says:

    Hi Lucie, thanks for the reply!
    Whilst I am very new to caravanning, I cannot comment on how popular Datatag is with other owners.

    That said, I (and other family members and friends), have been using the system since it was introduced over 20 years ago on our various motorcycles and have never had any issues with thefts, which is why I looked to them for a caravan specific kit – although obviously disappointed that CG don’t currently recognise it.

    Having bought a T@b teardrop, I am quite paranoid about it being stolen (even more than my bikes!), so any form of forensic identification has to be an advantage in these sorry times and so hope that CG acknowledge the Datatag system in the long term 🙂

    Would be great to hear other peoples views on Datatag and Thiefbeater systems

  3. Chez says:

    Nice to know that Caravan Guard are allowing discounts on insurance policies if the Thief beater system is fitted to a van.

    Sadly for me though, I have a Datatag system (which includes both electronic and physical marking), and a great believer in this system as I have always used with my motorcycles, but seems its not good enough for Caravan Guard 🙁

    Hope this will be acceptable when my policy is due for renewal next year

    • Hi Chez, thanks for getting in touch. We’ve not previously considered extending the discount to other identification systems. It’s not a deliberate omission. I have handed your request over to our pricing and claims teams to research this as a possibility. Do you think Datatag is popular amongst caravan owners?

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