Three lucky caravanners win Maypole towing mirrors

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  1. Anita Burton says:

    i’m a woman towing a caravan, why would anyone not put extending towing mirrors on ‘it’s like not wearing a seat belt’ it’s a safety issue for yourself, law or no law!!

  2. Andrew Wrigley says:

    I have a rear mounted camera on my caravan and a 10″ monitor in my vehicle, I can see a darn sight more in my hd camera than I can with my towing mirrors which vibrate and rattle, I have tried many different types of mirrors over the years and my camera system beats them all. Now I hear you say that a camera is not a legal rear view option, why, do you know how many 44ton lorries are now ONLY fitted with a camera and monitor system, all the latest hgvs are now adopting this system for rear viewing, I have a virtually 180deg view with my system and I trust looking at both my vans main side mirror and checking for anything I can’t see from the mirrors. The law WILL have have some modification to the wording regarding blind spots. I can see more in my monitor than I can in my rear view mirror due to its wide angle and hd quality. Yes I am aware that I am technically breaking the law but I would invite any police officer into my vehicle to see that actually the camera system is far superior to two shaking mirrors. By the way I use the identical mirrors to that shown in the video.

  3. AJG says:

    Where are the towing mirrors for recent released car models ??? The top tighten to grip mirrors do not stay on !

  4. Alan says:

    Good to know who the winners are. At least you know the competition is genuine.

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