Best tourer kitchens 2011

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  1. Craig Thompson says:

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your comments on this feature.

    I must make clear that these awards were organised by one of the leading caravan industry trade publications. Caravan Guard were not involved in the judging process, we were just reporting back on the awards having also done so last year.

    We appreciate these caravans are very pricey and we agree there are some excellent kitchens in caravans that cost half as much or less.

    I will post a link from this page to the awards organisers so they can take your feedback on board.

    Happy Caravanning!

  2. Alan Campbell says:

    I agree with the other comments amde, for the price of either of these 2 vans I would not only expect them to have top of the range kitchens, I would also expect them to make me a cup of tea whilst they park and level themselves, take care of hitching to the tow vehicle, plan their own route to and from sites automatically attach themselves to the services. Then again a touch of realism has to come into it, our Abbey only cost c£15K and is perfectly adequate for us as we do not go away to prepare massive gourmet meals, add the Microwave and BBQ we seem to get by.

  3. Dave Roberts says:

    My personal belief is that this award means nothing at all – given the price of the two award winning vans! If vans costing in excess of £30K cannot produce award winning kitchens (or any other aspect of their build) there would be something wrong. I would like to recomment that this award be broken down into price brackets for caravans (ie van costing £10K to £15K etc). Such awards would then, in my opinion, be worth while.

  4. Mr A D Lecheminant says:

    I think my coachman VIP has an excellent kitchen, and I did not have to fork out a ridiculous amount of money to get it. 2005 Model £7500 a bargain.!!

  5. Ian Kershaw says:

    Bit of a waste of time showing us this really, who has £32k to spend on a caravan?
    If you shoed the scores of some caravan kitchens in the ‘real world’ then this might have some credibility.

  6. Elizabeth Cowings says:

    The kitchens are fantastic but they are American. Style and space-saving should be key but if the market follows suit it will make caravanning unaffordable for the many. Even now with the new lush caravans and campers, campsites are hiking their prices so eventually is the trend going to hit family’s who could only have a good holiday if they bought a caravan? I think so keep it affordable keep all families camping it’s great!!

  7. M Lewis says:

    For £32,000 & £65,000 caravans, the kitchens should be exceptional. You need to be more realistic and have caravan kitchens in the £20,000 bracket. The Airstrean is way over the top of what most people could afford.

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