Should tyre pressure monitoring systems be standard fit? Your votes are in!

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  1. Tony says:

    Would like to fit a tyre pressure monitoring system to my Bailey Unicorn. Anybody done this and any reendations?

  2. Peter says:

    Many years ago I was driving along a motorway in a car (which didn’t belong to me) that (unbeknownst to me) had tyre monitoring on board . At one point I had a warning light come on which I didn’t recognise. I drove along for a while and when it didn’t extinguish I pulled into a service station and when checked, discovered a seriously low tyre pressure . I was advised that it was seriously close to a blow out. I think you may guess what my answer is!

  3. James says:

    The reason car makers are fitting tyre monitoring is due to lack of spare tyres, and because they appreciate that very few owners do any maintenance checks between annual services, also this is extra cost they can add margin to. I see tyre monitors along with DLR and all the other new rules as just adding cost and if tyres are properly checked/maintained, and drivers pay attention and don’t just turn up the stereo and rely on cruise control/lane guidance the actual usefulness is minimal.
    Assuming you carry out regular checks competently the most likely issue during a journey would be a blowout/puncture, which you should not need a flashing light to indicate!

  4. Tom Lightley says:

    I think the main point is being missed, I have tyre pressure monitoring on my caravan and its prime use is to alert me of a problem during a journey. It measures temperature as well as pressure and I believe that increasing temperature is a good early indication of a problem that could lead to s blowout. It is certainly not a replacement for normal routine tyre maintenance.

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