Video: How to load your motorhome correctly

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  1. Andrew Bradley says:

    Weight added behind the rear axle will increase the weight on the rear axle by more than the weight you have added by transferring weight from the front axle as mentioned in the video. The weight multiplying factor on the rear axle is ((distance of weight from front axle) divided by (distance between front and rear axles)). This becomes quite significant, approaching a factor of 2, in motorhomes with a long rear overhang and putting weight on a towbar or rack.

  2. victor parry says:

    Beware of raised platforms if weighing individual axles. significant errors can arise due weight transfer on uneven levels /platforms.

  3. johnc says:

    Mostly common sense when loading motorhome but this article is a good reminder to everybody. However due to some lockdown restrictions not all weighbridges are available.

  4. Ralph Brunjes says:

    In reply to Kim Hicks about losing your C1 license, I was diagnosed with MS many years ago and they automatically took mine away . No questions asked they just returned it with a 3 yearly renewal. I was lucky that I noticed it as I was just about to buy a huge American rv.
    I am now on a 3 yearly licence and I am still a better and safer driver than a lot of people that are on the road. They automatically think oh he is disabled so his driving is going to be bad.
    I have even been tested by a hospital in Edinburgh that deals just in that type of thing. (Voluntary) passed with flying colours and told that I was a better driver than most.

  5. David Lajara says:


    I appreciate the topic is loading a vehicle and maximum weights. With the handling problems that may crop up.

    Nothing has been said about tyre pressures. If they are different across an axle it will affect handling despite the vehicle being loaded correctly. If they are below the correct pressure all manner of nasties can happen. In particular handling, overheating and blow outs. Tyre pressures must be at the correct level for the weight of the vehicle. The manufactures will have provided a plate with this information. I use pressure indicator dust caps. They change colour if the preset pressure has not been achieved.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi David, we do briefly mention tyres and you’re correct that you need to be careful of tyre pressures. A tyre pressure monitoring system is a great way of making sure you keep on eye on your motorhome tyre pressures.

  6. Jane McCoy says:

    Wish this had subtitles

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Jane, you can turn on the subtitles in YouTube by clicking on the subtitles icon at the bottom right of the video.

  7. Dennis says:

    Ideal for New comers, standard practice with us, plus always keep heavy stuff low and over the rear wheels if poss.

  8. kim hicks says:

    As A driver who has just had “heart trouble” could you do an article about what it means to have entitlement C1 removed from your driving licence?. My C1 entitlement is going to be removed when/if I get my licence returned. Lots of people might be driving about with no entitlement for the van they are driving unawares.

  9. Tony Haughton says:

    New to Motorhoming so whilst most of the information is common sense, it’s good to know we have packed ours (Max) well and correct……… to weighbridge before leaving for our very first trip!!!!!!!

  10. Andrew Harcourt says:

    Very good, but there was no indication of what a typical cost of weighing the motorhome at a weighbridge is. Also a simple statement of how to find your local weighbridge would be nice. There is one at our local refuse dump (recycling centre) and I think scrapyards might do it for a fee. The scrap yard I go to with a van load weighs the van loaded, then I remove the metal and they weigh it again so they know how much has been dumped. I don’t know if they would do a motorhome, I guess they might, for a fee.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew, that’s a good point and we’ll add this information into the article. We paid £12 to weigh the motorhome and receive the print outs. Thanks for your comments.

  11. T Pelham says:

    Interesting but really all common sense…Thank you..

  12. John says:

    Very good and clear information ,

  13. Veronica Facer says:

    We use bubble wrap to stop things rattling and to fill up empty spaces on shelves so things cannot slip around. It is also useful to protect bikes from scratches and to keep other items from colliding in the garage. Its main advantage: its very light and hardly weighs a thing!

  14. John Lindon says:

    Very good video good points

  15. Paul Fletton says:

    Very informative

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