What’s your top winter motorhoming accessory?

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  1. John May says:

    Clearly this article is aimed at caravan users as most of the items in the list are part of the basic setup in a motorhome; such as heated water tanks

  2. Barry Carter says:

    Very difficult survey as too many Top Winter Motorhoming Accessories to choose from. I picked a screen cover. The one I use covers all the cab windscreen and side windows and also has an extension skirt that covers the radiator. A lot of heat is lost through the cab windows. We that is my wife and I have a 7.5 Mtr Motorhome and we have camped in forrest sits in early spring with snow over 25 cm (circa 1ft) deep, we had to dig tyre tracks out from the pitch to the sites main road one time, about 25 mtrs. We were there 3 days could have stayed longer but we’re getting cabin fever being closed in and isolated for so long for us anyway. Fortunately for us we had an 8 ltr bottle of water. The main tanks froze up as well as the sites water points. We were on electric hook-up and maxed out on it up to 4kw, had also to supplement heating using gas. I think we must have used most of the accessories in your survey list. Still it’s an experience we’ve now done twice now.

  3. Michael O'Leary says:

    Use meany methods from Brick in oven when cooking – to hot water bottles.

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