Would you consider an 8ft wide caravan?

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  1. Alexander Jack says:

    I owned a Fendt 650 for eight years (2.5m wide) and towed this van all over the country without any problems. recently bought an Elddis Avante 860, delighted to once again have a van with decent room inside.

  2. George Scholey says:

    That’s an extra 3″ on each side folks! Whats all the fuss about??


  3. Andrew says:

    The width does not worry me as its only another 6inches on what I tow with now. The length should be restricted in my opinion. Our ‘van is around 25ft long and with the tow car is around 43ft total length. Not bad for motorway cruising, but then trying to get into the small spaces at service stations that are allocted for caravans that would be OK if you didn’t have the tow car. Some service stations will issue you with a fine you if you go into the HGV parking area. I questioned this at one service station and said that even though my rig was over 40ft I could not park in the HGV area……. So I then took up virtually all the spaces allocated for caravans as I had to park at a very obtuse angle to avoid blocking the road in front and behind the designated parking area. This is something that will happen more and more if the length of units increase and nothing is done on service areas to allow for the extra long caravans….. Width does not matter and the more expensive towing mirrors are quite adequate for say, another 6inches in width.

  4. John Morgan says:

    An H.G.Vs is 8ft and they are professional drivers as I was, and in my day there was
    enough stupid caravan drivers with no idea on the road then, and now as I get older
    alone with others and yes still pull a caravan I feel 8 ft is too big for me and many other
    giving to traffic on the roads today.

  5. Peter Long says:

    Pete says,
    If we don’t buy them then hopefully they won’t build them. 8ft is far too wide, and just goes to show the people who design tourers haven’t got a clue.
    I Owen a swift challenger se 7 foot 5inch 2015 perfect.

  6. Andy Culley says:

    What a bunch of wimps!! The extra width is pretty minimal, other vehicles are of a similar width and MUCH longer.and the drivers cope with them OK.
    Seriously the major problem is simply inside your head, you THINK the extra width is going to be a problem when in practice you will adapt to it very quickly.. Just think how nervous you were the first time you towed a caravan. I bet you thought you were towing something the size of a cinema down the road.
    For my part if I could afford one I wouldn’t hesitate.

  7. d cornock says:

    8 ft is to wide for british roads i think it may be first time buyers that have got them not knowing the pitfalls of wide vans its about time the manufactures concentrate on making better quality caravans instead of the rubbish they churn out now

  8. Lindy margach says:

    Too wide to tow and for my driveway. Fine for a permanent mooring but no use as a toured. I’d like to see more choice in narrower caravans that won’t demolish road furniture or overhang road lanes.

  9. Fiona keates says:

    Good if you tour the continent or have a seasonal pitch, but too big for most of UK roads and sites.

  10. dick says:

    We have a 12 ft long van, with decent shower, loo and kitchen facilities. The adria and basecamp are almost there but not as good – so can we have more choice of small full facility vans instead of full road width fixed bed monsters

  11. David Lomas says:

    With an 8ft wide caravan you then have to think about the extra width of the mirrors, which will result in it being almost 9ft wide, that’s if you could get mirrors to fit your car and extend that extra bit. I have an 7ft6″ wide Lunar, and that’s plenty wide enough thanks, 8ft would make it even more stressful on narrow UK roads. Also on site you have to factor in that extra width on your pitch when putting up your awning and parking your car on the other side of the caravan, such as Caravan Club pitches. So sorry manufacturers, there is no way I would buy or tow an 8ft wide caravan on UK roads thanks.

  12. Steve Ferrington says:

    8ft wide is ok if you know and restrict the routes and sites you visit many touring activities would restrict or make life difficult when using an 8ft wide van.

  13. Stephen McCULLOUGH says:

    8 ft too wide for the type of towing we do, but for seasonal pitches and people who need an 8 footers extra space then the options a good thing, “only as wide as a lorry”.
    We do seam to be getting bigger and bigger vans though.

  14. Graham Griffin says:

    Totally agree that 8ft wide is best left to seasonal pitching and having said that, buy a static if you want BIG. Bigger caravans need bigger pitches equals more site development equals more expense for tourers. UK sites are already expensive so why invite more expense.

  15. chris says:

    They are too wide for roads in cornwall and a lot of other places they would only be any good on permeant sites but no good for touring.

  16. John Phelps says:

    The future of touring caravans is smaller and lighter not larger. Back to the aluminium chassis would be a step in the right direction. Its about time caravan makers woke up.

  17. Gerry says:

    Its bad enough getting my caravan down some narrow lanes to many CC sites. 8ft wide would be a nightmare.

  18. Anne Morrison says:

    I think too wide for regular towing. Maybe have on a static site

  19. Rex Beech says:

    Firstly, The caravan would be too wide for my drive where I store it. Secondly, many of the out-of-the-way pitches that we use would be difficult or impossible to access. Thirdly,in today’s contested traffic, journeys would be more stressful. Finally, our 86″wide caravan is perfectly adequate – we like our cozy two-berth.

  20. Ian Boyd says:

    Too big, too heavy and too expensive. When is it going to be possible to buy a good quality family caravan with a flexible family friendly layout, ( i.e.Dining room front and back – no fixed beds ); that can be towed with a car that doesn’t cost more than your house and can be towed on British roads without wiping out the oncoming traffic or the drystone wall along the scenic routes that we like. The average age of campers on sites and the rise in popularity of mobile homes is a clear indication that young people are being priced out of caravanning. It’s no longer a cheap holiday when you can buy a one bedroom apartment in Spain for less than the price of a modern caravan and the Tonka truck needed to tow it
    Manufacturers : Get your heads out into the sunshine before your present aging generation of cash cows die on you and there’s no-one with the caravanning bug to replace them.

  21. michele haynes says:

    Too wide to tow

  22. lynne Taylor says:

    We wouldn’t want to tow an 8 ft wide caravan, we think these are great for seasonal pitches only.

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