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Summary of Motorhome Insurance discounts available

Discount Do you qualify?
Up to 68% No claim discount  More info
Up to 25%* Electronic security system discount as per below: 
19% Thatcham category 1 security (alarm & immobiliser) or Van Bitz OR…  More info
25% Approved tracking device  More info
Up to 15% Secure home storage  More info
Up to 10.5% Previous experience  More info
Up to 9.3% Low mileage  More info
5% Reversing camera or parking sensor
Up to 5% Physical security discount (Call to apply)  More info
5% Tyre safety
  Tyron bands  More info
  Tyre pressure monitors  More info
  Tyre sealant  More info

* We give up to 25% off on security devices for your motorhome, regardless of how many devices you buy.

Features & benefits

Backed by a leading UK insurance provider, RSA (Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd)

RSA Group

Our motorhome insurance policy lets you keep your premium low by only choosing the cover options you need. Compare our policy benefits to your existing insurance and we're sure you'll find our cover to be great value for money.

  • Comprehensive specialist motorhome cover
    Reassurance of accidental damage cover and no excess for windscreen repairs.
  • 24 hour UK recovery and roadside breakdown assistance (operated by AXA Assistance)
    A specialist team will help if you get stuck and recover you no matter how big your motorhome
    Click to read more about our UK breakdown assistance cover.
  • European breakdown cover
    Extends our specialist motorhome recovery service including repatriation costs
    Click to read more about our European motorhome breakdown cover.
  • Emergency accommodation cover options
    Fall back on up to £75 daily for a maximum of 15 days so you can continue your holiday – or pay to extend this up to £100 per day for up to 30 days.
  • £100,000 motor legal expenses
    This covers any motorhome or car owned by you. It can be used to fund legal proceedings to recover uninsured losses. Such as your excess, from the driver at fault, where you have greater than a 51% chance of compensation success.
  • £20 million public liability cover
    Protection from legal claims made against you or insured drivers for accidents, injuries or damage.
  • £15,000 personal accident cover
    A little peace of mind provided by a lump sum payment following a major accident.
  • Awning storm damage
    Both your motorhome and awning are covered should they be caught in a storm.
  • Highly rated claims service in the UK
    Our experienced team of experts at RSA will settle your claim quickly and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive European cover up to 9 months option**
    Enjoy the freedom to take trips abroad be it a hop across the channel or a full tour of Europe.
    Click to read list of countries covered
    Motorhome European insurance cover

    Our European motorhome insurance option gives you comprehensive cover to visit the countries listed in the table below.

    The endorsement section of your policy schedule shows if European insurance and / or European breakdown options are in force.

    The maximum amount of time that can be spent in any one country is 180 consecutive days. The maximum amount of time that can be spent abroad in Europe overall is 9 months within each policy year.

    Green Cards

    To visit certain countries you may require a Green Card, which proves you have the minimum legal requirements for third party liability insurance.

    We can issue a Green Card on request, you can do this online here. Please contact us in good time with details of the countries you are travelling to and the dates you will be in each country.

    Please note that our European breakdown provider AXA Assistance and legal expenses provider Auxillis Limited (formerly Albany Assistance Limited) do not provide cover in Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia (excluding Kosovo), or the Faroe Islands.

    Scroll down to see list of countries

    Albania Warning Additional cover required – please contact us
    Andorra Covered
    Austria Covered
    Belgium Covered
    Bulgaria* Covered
    Croatia Covered
    Cyprus (Greek)** Covered
    Czech Republic Covered
    Denmark Covered
    Estonia Covered
    Faroe Islands Warning Additional cover required – please contact us
    Finland Covered
    France (inc Monaco) Covered
    Germany Covered
    Greece Covered
    Hungary Covered
    Iceland Covered
    Ireland Covered
    Italy (inc San Marino & Vatican) Covered
    Latvia Covered
    Liechtenstein Covered
    Lithuania Covered
    Luxembourg Covered
    Macedonia Warning Additional cover required – please contact us
    Malta Covered
    Montenegro Warning Additional cover required – please contact us
    Netherlands Covered
    Norway Covered
    Poland Covered
    Portugal (inc Madeira) Covered
    Romania* Covered
    Serbia (excluding Kosovo) Warning Additional cover required – please contact us
    Slovak Republic Covered
    Slovenia Covered
    Spain (inc Balearics & Canaries) Covered
    Sweden Covered
    Switzerand Covered
    UK (inc Gibraltar) Covered

    Countries listed correct as of 28/02/2019.

  • Protected no claim discount option
    Help to keep your premiums low even if you have to claim.
  • £5,000 equipment and personal possessions cover
    For portable items such as trailers, awnings, gas bottles, generators, TVs and clothing.
  • New for old motorhome replacement (if owned from new and under 2 years old)
    Get a brand new motorhome if yours is written off or stolen.
  • £1,000 cover for keys and locks
    Feel secure with replacement locks, keys and transmitters following theft.
  • Flexible excess from £150
    You can reduce your premium by increasing your excess.
  • 14 day money back guarantee (subject to no claims)
    Our plain English policy comes with the reassurance of a satisfaction guarantee.

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Plus, for every paperless policy we provide, we will donate £1 to our chosen charity - Heart Research UK.

This website provides a brief summary of the policy cover and options that are available to you. Your schedule will confirm cover features and levels applying. Benefits and discounts are subject to change and are subject to terms and conditions, cover level and underwriting criteria. Minimum premiums apply.

For more information about our motorhome insurance policy, you can download a specimen policy wording or policy summary from our motorhome insurance documents section. Minimum premiums apply.

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I'm with Caravan Guard because...

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"Excellent European Breakdown Service"

In 2014 we broke down on a mountainside in Spain. A phone call to our motorhome insurance company Caravan Guard led to recovery on a low loader the 120kms to Malaga. We were provided with a hotel room with B&B for the week it took for a repair to be effected. This enabled us to get to know the Malaga area and enjoy our waiting time.

We are appreciative of the excellent service provided through Caravan Guard. During our many years of insurance cover by them, it is always 'service with a smile' – Well, it sounds that way when talking with them on the phone!

RamblingRoses, Review Centre

Our guide to motorhome insurance

Why do I need specialist cover?

Motorhome and campervan insurance is a legal requirement, just like car insurance or van insurance. However, the cover needed is very different because of the way you use your motorhome or campervan, and the amount of equipment and facilities it contains.

What are the key things to look for when choosing a policy?

  • Only pay for the cover you need, we let you choose whether to include European cover, and calculate premiums based on your annual mileage – so if you don't go abroad, or only drive a few thousand miles a year, you can make sure you're only paying for the insurance cover you need.
  • Make sure you get all of the insurance discounts you deserve. Security devices such as Pro-Active tracking devices, alarm systems, and immobilisers, will earn you big insurance discounts with us. Simple steps such as storage behind 24 hour locked gates, and/or fitting a reversing camera, will also drive down your premium.
    Click here to read our motorhome security guide, to learn what you can do to protect your motorhome or campervan.
  • UK motorhome breakdown cover is automatically included with our policy, and European insurance (EU Cover) and breakdown cover is available as an optional extra. Some breakdown services have size or weight restrictions – Our breakdown cover doesn't have any limits on the size or weight of the vehicle, and so is suitable for different types of motorhome, large or small.
  • 'New for old' cover is offered on motorhomes up to 2 years old (subject to you owning it from new). This means that if the motorhome or campervan is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair, you'll be given a brand new motorhome of the same or nearest equivalent model. 'Market value' cover means that you'll be given a cash sum which represents the lost motorhome's current 'market value' in such a total loss situation.
  • Make sure the policy is with a reputable insurer. Our motorhome policy is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd (RSA), one of the UK's leading insurers.

Top ten FAQs

Comprehensive motorhome insurance or campervan insurance will provide you with the most extensive level of protection, including everything covered by third party, fire and theft. It could also cover your motorhome against at-fault damage.

If your motorhome is stolen, involved in a road traffic collision, an animal causes damage to your motorhome, or it is damaged in a hailstorm, your comprehensive insurance provides cover for your losses (after your excess) and up to the limits on your insurance policy.

Caravan Guard offers competitive premiums and good quality, comprehensive motorhome insurance, which can be tailored to your needs, giving you the peace of mind that you're protected against financial loss.

The cost of motorhome storage varies, but after reading various motorhome forums and seeing what people are paying, the cost seems to be from around £1 – £1.50 per day in most of the UK: The cost is usually more around London and the south-east of England.

Expect to pay more for higher levels of security and, especially for undercover (indoor) storage. Similarly, larger storage bays (over 7m or so) can cost more.

Most storage companies charge by the year, although three to six month agreements might be possible.

Secure storage offers a useful alternative to home storage for many motorhome owners. It might take a little more planning before a holiday, as you have to arrange for the collection of your motorhome, but you will benefit from not having your motorhome taking up space at your home. Your insurance premium might be lower if you choose to store your motorhome at a secure facility, but you should always check what security features are in place, as facilities will vary between storage sites, and the storage site postcode will also be a factor for your motorhome insurer.

The Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association (CaSSOA) provides a register of more than 500 secure sites, which are specifically designed for the purpose of storing motorhomes and caravans. CaSSOA sites are rated Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on the security level of the venue.

Simply call our claims helpline on 01422 501 084 (lines open weekdays 8am–8pm).

As the underwriters of your policy, RSA will handle your claim and pay any settlement. When you report your claim, you'll be given a unique claim reference number. They will take all of the details necessary and advise you on next steps.

Like car insurance, the price to insure a motorhome or campervan depends on a number of factors. Facts that affect the price would be make and model, value, storage location, age and number of drivers, previous claims or convictions, excess, no claims discount, annual mileage, and level of cover.

Our motorhome and campervan insurance is fully comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs, so it's best to contact us for your unique quote.

The levels of cover will change from company to company, but choosing a comprehensive cover provides the best protection for you and your motorhome.

'Third party' or 'third party fire and theft' policies mean that any damage to your motorhome is your problem. Caravan Guard offers comprehensive motorhome insurance which covers accidents, fire, theft and storm without the worry of paying for expensive repairs (just your excess).

Our additional inclusive benefits include cover for UK breakdowns, keys and locks, legal expenses, public liability and personal accidents, with optional European insurance, European breakdown cover, and two levels of emergency accommodation.

There are five main motorhome body types: Coachbuilt (or coach-built), Campervan, A-class, American A-class (sometimes referred to as "RVs"), and American Coachbuilt. We have a short video to help you.

  • Coachbuilt
    Incorporating both the engine manufacturer's chassis and driving cab, the motorhome body is built above and behind the driving cab by the motorhome converter. This often results in a storage/sleeping area over the driving cab that can sometimes appear to "lip out" over and above the driving cab. A 'low profile' Coachbuilt may reduce or omit this "bubble". The driving area will generally retain a windscreen that is angled backwards (like a car windscreen).

  • Campervan
    The motorhome converter uses the standard vehicle specification body (as designed by the engine manufacturer) as a shell, in which the converter builds the inner body of the motorhome. The outer body of the motorhome remains very similar in appearance to its original manufacture as a van, but incorporates converter designed features such as additional windows, an elevating roof, etc.

  • A-class
    Using only the engine manufacturer's chassis, the motorhome body is completely designed by the motorhome converter. The driving area/cab is also designed by the converter, resulting in a smooth, straight edge look to the entire body. The driving area will generally have a windscreen that is vertical (not angled backwards like a car windscreen) and curves around the front edges of the motorhome body.

  • American A-class
    Using only the American engine manufacturer's chassis, the motorhome body is completely designed by the American motorhome converter. The driving area/cab is also designed by the converter, resulting in a smooth, straight edge look to the entire body. The driving area will generally have a windscreen that is vertical (not angled backwards like a car windscreen) and curves around the front edges of the motorhome body. American A-class vehicles are generally much larger than European builds, and in some cases can be comparable to the size of a small coach.

  • American coachbuilt
    Keeping both the engine manufacturer's chassis and driving cab, the motorhome body is built above and behind the driving cab by the converter. This often results in a storage/sleeping area over the driving cab that can sometimes appear to "lip out" over and above the driving cab. American coachbuilt vehicles are generally much larger than European builds.

We cannot insure any self converted or self built motorhomes. This means we can only provide cover for motorhomes that have been converted professionally by a recognised motorhome converter.

A no claim discount can give the biggest saving on our motorhome insurance. If a person is selling their car to buy a motorhome, it's possible to transfer the no claim discount from the insurance policy for that car to the motorhome policy. That said, in a lot of cases motorhomes are bought as additional vehicles, meaning there isn't a no claim discount entitlement to transfer. In these cases we take into account the driver's motor insurance claims history, driving convictions, and even experience of driving similar sized vehicles (or towing a caravan), to give an introductory no claim discount that can still give a significant saving. In return for a small premium increase, it's possible to protect no claim discount once a policyholder has reached four years earned.

Your motorhome date of registration should be detailed on the vehicle registration documents (such as the log book or 'V5C'). If you're unable to locate your motorhome's first registration date we suggest you contact the DVLA for assistance.

The DVLA have an online service that details when your motorhome was first registered. If you know your motorhome registration number and engine manufacturer, please visit the DVLA website and use the 'vehicle enquiry' section to find out your motorhome's first registration date.

Unfortunately, we only offer annual policies. However, a policy can be cancelled at any time (subject to cancellation charges).

You can read many more common questions on our motorhome insurance knowledgebase.

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No claim discount (NCD)


You can transfer your NCD (sometimes referred to as No Claims bonus) from the previous insurer of your motorhome, car or other insured vehicle.

If you don't have any discount to transfer, you may still qualify for a large introductory discount if you have been insured and claim free on your private car, a company car, or a named driver on your partner's policy.

We can protect your NCD if you have 5 years or more NCD earned on another motor vehicle policy which is available for transfer to your new Caravan Guard policy. To qualify you must not have made a motor insurance claim within the last 12 months.

If you do protect your NCD the overall discount you receive will reduce slightly.

Physical security discount


Get 5% for a steering wheel lock or 2.5% off for other devices including Clutch Claw, a wheel clamp, a security chain, extra door locks, removable steering wheel or handbrake lock. Please call to get this discount applied to your quote.

Motorhome club or magazine reader discount


You will qualify for an discount if you are a member of any motorhome or caravan club (national, regional or owners' club).

You will also qualify if you are a reader of a related magazine, a member of an online related forum or you are a customer of one of our dealer partners.

Secure storage discount


Security measures at your home can result in a saving on your insurance. For example, fitting a padlock to gates or installing a security post at home, storing in a locked outbuilding at your home.

Learn more about motorhome storage

Previous experience discount


In addition to any NCD, you may qualify for a further 10.5% discount if you have any previous experience of driving a similar sized vehicle. This along with other discounts may help to provide a cheap motorhome insurance premium.

Low mileage discount


If your motor home isn't on the road frequently, you are regarded as a lower insurance risk. So if your mileage is less than 5,000 miles a year, you will benefit from reduced premiums.

Cat 1 Alarm systems


CAT 1 alarms generate a sound when any of the doors on a motorhome – including the boot and bonnet – are opened. The alarm can be set using either a traditional key fob, PIN code or touch key. In order for the alarm to work and detect suspicious activity, the passenger compartment in the vehicle must have interior movement monitoring. The siren on the alarm must also have its own integral power supply with a coded communication to the alarm electronic control unit. The alarm's accompanying immobiliser also helps to alert the vehicle's owner of any movement within the motorhome and must be engaged within 60 seconds of the ignition being switched off. When installed, CAT 1 alarms will sound within 300 seconds of a break-in occurring. If you know the name of your alarm system you can check if it has Thatcham's Category 1 approval at

Discount for tracking devices


Such devices can help locate your stolen motorhome by guiding police to its position using GPS technology. Not all tracking devices qualify for our discount.

Learn more about motorhome and campervan tracking devices

Tyron wheel safety bands


Tyron wheel safety bands greatly reduce the risk of accident through loss of control after tyre deflation by helping to keep the tyre in place following punctures, blow-outs and under inflation.

Discount for Tyre pressure monitoring


Incorrectly inflated tyres can affect the way a motorhome drives and may lead to a serious accident. That's why we offer an discount for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) fitted to tyres. TPMS systems work by placing sensors either on the tyre valves or inside the wheels. These sensors continuously measure the pressure and temperature of the tyres and transmit information wirelessly to a dashboard mounted monitor and sound an alarm if there's any abnormality. Popular makes include TyrePal or Snooper's Tyre Pilot.

Discount for tyre sealant


We offer a discount for pre-puncture tyre sealant or slime, which is a proactive defence against tyre punctures and can help prevent an accident. It's injected through the tyre valves and coats the inside of the tyres. In the event of a puncture, and when the penetrating object is removed, a small amount of tyre sealant is squeezed through the puncture hole to seal the tyre. We offer this discount for the likes of Phantom Tyre Protector and Ultra Seal. Please note the discount does not apply for post-puncture tyre sealant kits which are only used to temporarily repair tyres following a puncture.

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