2012 Swift Challenger 580 Caravan Reviewed

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  1. Mike and Bev Parrott says:

    Thanks for your info.will keep you informed

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Mike

    If you’re having the Al-Ko Secure fitted then you’ll be eligible for a 10% insurance discount. I’ve made a note on your policy for one of our Insurance Advisers to give you a call when you are due for renewal and check with you about adding the Al-Ko secure on.

    Plus you’ll have another years no claims discount which will help bring the price down.

    Caravan Guard

  3. Neil says:

    Hi Mike

    You are receiving discounts for the alarm, secure storage and being a club member (plus a few other things), however the caravan quote above has a few discounts which I don’t think you are currently receiving:

    – 3 years No Claims Discount (20% discount)
    – Al-Ko Secure Axle Wheel Lock (10% discount)
    – Al-Ko ATC Anti snaking device (5% discount)

    Hope that makes things a little clearer, but if you have any further questions or think there are some discounts you should be receiving then please feel free to give us a call, we’re open until 8pm week days and 9am until 4pm over the weekend.


    Caravan Guard

  4. Mike and Bev Parrott says:

    during the next few weeks I will be having the alko atc fitted plus the body and interior treated with a body and fabric protection system.Will I need to notify caravanguard as to the costs incurred,and will it affect my premiun ? up/down

  5. Mike and Bev Parrott says:

    Re my previous comment I would also add that I am also a member of both the caravan club and the camping and caravan club.

  6. Mike and Bev Parrott says:

    Dos the above insurance quote cover new for old ? as my insurance for my new 565 model was MUCH<MUCH MORE than that quoted for a simular price, bear in mind my 565 is in a recognised 24 hour cctv covered secure site with static guards and patroling guards 24/7 365 days a year.plus alko tow bar lock,and two wheel locks plus caravan stinger alarm, or am I silly to payover 600 pound a year for caravanguard to cover new for old??? your comments please….

  7. paul maxted says:

    What a fantastic caravan……i want one

  8. Neil says:

    Hi James,

    I just checked your policy against the above and the main difference is that the Swift Challenger reviewed has an Al-ko ATC fitted (5% discount) and an Al-ko Secure Axle Wheel lock (10% discount), plus there’s no “insured value” added for equipment on test models.

    The other thing worth bearing in mind is that because you have a “New For Old” policy the value you are insuring is the cost to replace your caravan with a new equivalent model, and not it’s current market value. So the fact it is a 2005 model doesn’t affect your premium (this is the same for all insurers who offer New For Old cover).

    We would be happy to do an example quote for you to show the difference that fitting the aforementioned security would make to your insurance premium, just give us a call and we’d be happy to run through it.

    If you have any further questions then feel free to get in touch.

    best regards,

    Caravan Guard

  9. james Silcock says:

    This makes Me laugh, You are quoting Cheaper insurance on this Van Than I am Paying on a 2005 Compass, How can this be when mine is stored in a cassoa gold Storage and is claim free for six years, it seems to me that i am being ripped off as usual. Time for a change thats what i think.

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