2014 Swift Conqueror 530 caravan review

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  1. P.Macken says:

    I read with interest the above comments on the swift conqueror. We had a
    540 which was a nice van till we found out that there is water egress and dry rot in a lot of the swift models. We have since got rid and have bought a different make. Other people and friend we have talked to with swift vans have the same water problems and rot. Its about time we the purchasers complained to the NCC to get this sorted manufactures are getting away with our hard earned money and are caravans for using not being in the work shop for repairs.

  2. Edwin Mc'Allister says:

    Hi Lucie,

    It’s back to the south of France again this year. All in, we’ve clocked up more than 8000 miles in our wee 480 so far. Any problems encountered have in the main been self-inflicted. We can’t wait to hit the continent again in a matter of weeks. Our dealer in Northern Ireland is most helpful and a joy to deal with. Great caravan to live with and to look at. The new Elegance has a lo to live up to!

  3. Edwin Mc'Allister says:

    I have a 2011 Conqueror 480 which I have owned from new. This caravan has given me immense pleasure as it has proved extremely reliable and is a comfort to live in. My journeys have taken me from home in N Ireland across Europe to Italy, France and Spain and the caravan has proven extremely reliable throughout. The Alde heating is great boon. It took me a while to get used to the water system, but I have now mastered it. I have the old Alde control panel and am considering updating to the new much more user friendly version. This caravan replaced my old 1998 Corniche 17/3, again and extremely enjoyable and unique caravan. Kep up the good work Swift.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Edwin, thanks for getting inn touch. It’s really good to hear that you’re happy with your Conqueror – do you plan on going anywhere in it over the summer?
      Caravan Guard

  4. Liz W. says:

    once again the seats have those dreadfully uncomfotable knee-rolls. When will caravan manufacturers learn that most small people find them downright painful. Add a total knee replacement to the equation and the result is extremely painful. The extra height of the knee-roll prevents my feet from touching the floor, hence the weight of my lower leg dangles from the knee. Ouch! The pronounced knee-roll spoils any use of the front seating area as two single bunks. Which is the way we tend to use our caravan. No, I would avoid purchasing any caravan with knee-rolls in the main sitting area.

  5. s.k.nuttall says:

    I know its a we bit late, but purchased our new 2014 conqueror 565 back in December we have finally spent a couple of nights in it and found that we are both very pleased with it and happy too. We were happy with the company(Brayford lesuire of Lincoln) that we bought it from and took our old one away(12 years old). Finally happy with the insurance too.

  6. Glyn Pemberton says:

    Just on my second outing in my 2014 model caravan, love the layout and finish, sadly disappointed that I have experienced a number of issues which should have been checked before leaving the factory, or picked up on PDI, eg Microwave not working, this was not broke it was a simple plug behind the microwave not connected, top corner locker, different to all the rest (not a shiny finish), low level floor light not working, then most disappointing the awning rail would not take our Fiamma Canopy or our light weight awning, obviously the van has to go back to a dealer for repair, SO so disappointing not enough time spent on quality control.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear that Glyn. Fingers crossed you get these issues resolved in time for a season of summer touring.
      Caravan Guard

  7. Ron Dick says:

    We have a 2011 model 530 and are extremely happy with it, looking over the updated unit theres not really much change however I don’t like the new shiny finish on the interior woodwork or the chrome handles? and I have to say I do prefer my Silver Sided edition, it makes it stand out and adds to the
    image of the top of the range models, “although I know this is no longer the case” so No I would not change at this time. Keep trying .

  8. Geoff Faulkner says:

    My wife and I have recently purchased the new 530 and on the whole are very pleased with it. We are on our second outing with it, but unfortunately have had a water pump problem in that water is not being lifted from the Aquaroll. Back to the dealer at the weekend!!
    My wife is also disappointed that there is no electric socket near to a mirror, so for hair-drying purposes, a short extension lead is having to be employed.

  9. Eileen Pomeroy says:

    We have the 2008 Swift 530 and love it except for the poor lighting over the sink. The 2014 model is very nice but I do not like the electrical points on the top of the lounge dresser, I hate to see plugs and wires showing when sitting in the lounge. The new top window is nice but I prefer the two cupboards without the window. There was no need for more light in the van it is bright enough. We have been away in our ven for 6 months at a time and storage is important. The solar panel is excellent, we have just had on installed. But overall the van is a delight.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Eileen,

      Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to hear such a thorough review from a customer! It sounds a though you’ve got a very bright, efficient and environmentally-friendly ‘van there!

      Caravan Guard

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