2016 Buccaneer Clipper caravan review: Feel the quality… and the width

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  1. Chris Metcalfe says:

    We took delivery of our 2016 Clipper in April and have had it out a couple of times. Standard of finish generally is very good, let down by bathroom top cupboards which smack the wall/ washroom door opening unless you are careful and a flimsy washroom door catch.
    Full marks to Elddis for recognising that some buyers don’t want to share a bed with their partner. (Perhaps an age thing?!) Suits us at home and suits us in the ‘van.
    Pleased that a mover did not come as standard – some buyers will be anxious about the added weight and use storage/sites where it is not required.
    Our 2011 Supercyclone had a bigger and better fridge/freezer made possible by the microwave being above the hob so we feel the change in 2016 is a step backwards. Otherwise loads of storage internally.
    The front locker could be redesigned to take a waste hog / Aquaroll with very little effort – the door is just a little shallow.
    The extra width does not feel obvious when on the road (yet to go anywhere narrow) but bear in mind that it is also longer than its predecessors.
    In summary, pleased so far (wish that we had specced standard plain curtains when we took the leather option which comes with purple floral curtains and blinds. Purple!

  2. Lawrence says:

    Expensive? Of course it’s expensive. It’s entitled to be with a specification like that. It is about time caravans like this are offered with factory fitted movers, hopefully to save a little money compared to aftermarket prices. As Arthur says, it’s “essential” and frankly necessary on any twin-axle van. I have to laugh about the beds. Great that they’re transverse but twin beds? That probably says more about the targeted market than anything else. What’s wrong with a lovely, wide double; 4ft 8″ minimum I’d say, although one-day manufacturers will be offering a 5ft transverse double. Adria did a large fixed double with their Adora 642UP (option to push the twins together and fixed) but sadly, they don’t appear to offer that layout anymore. Mind you, it wasn’t transverse and one had to climb on from the bed-end! If you don’t like the advantages of a double bed, ask the doctor for some pills!

    The remote-control leveller does sound wonderful and I confess I’d really like that. Something to align the wheels for locking would make it amazing. Does such a thing exist, yet? In the meantime, we remain in love with our Bailey Unicorn III Cartagena. For approx £7K+ less, it’s still a winner.

  3. Elddis (Marketing) says:

    Thank you for your comments. We can confirm that the Buccaneer range comes with 100W Solar Panel as standard, along with class-leading specification such as: LevelSystem RC Automatic self-levelling, ALDE Underfloor heating and telemetric controls for ALDE via the Phantom Tracker (meaning you can program said heating/hot water via your mobile phone). Teleco satellite systems can be fitted as an option, as can motormovers. Please speak to your Buccaneer retailer to find the most suitable for your needs.

  4. Arthur says:

    Already has a 100w solar panel ??

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Yes it does Arthur. It has a 100W Truma roof-mounted solar panel as standard.
      And Margarita Elddis offer a Teleco self-seeking satellite dish as a retailer fit option at a cost of £1,499. I’m sure also a dealer would be able to sort out a motor mover. I’ve not heard of any new caravan that comes with a motor mover as standard to be honest but would be interested to know if there is one. If you are ever in the market for a motor mover, please check out our guide to compare caravan motor movers.

  5. Margarita says:

    By far now the best caravan manufacturer in the market place. The Clipper with the double bed in the one for us when we change shortly. Add a motor mover, sat cable system and solar panel. That’s it!!!

  6. Arthur says:

    Great sounding van but no mention of a motor mover? Essential I would think on this

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