2016 Swift Conqueror 650 caravan review

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  1. Deborah white says:

    I first saw this caravan at the caravan and motor home show at the nec back in the later part of 2015, I fell in love with it straight away. Although there are a few more years left in my currant van this swift model will be my next purchase. I love the central island bed at the back along with the bathroom in the middle of the van, but most of all it has proper doors! no flappy concertina doors. one fault i did find, which i hope by the time i get to upgrade, swift may have resolved it. The front high level window is very poorly finished off, you can see the roof insulation and can quite easily insert in hand into the roof space. this means that all kinds of flys and bugs can also get up in there too. This could so easily be solved with a rubber seal. Please swift sort this out before i purchase my next van

  2. Marie Worthington says:

    I for one am glad that the permanent fixed bed is an option. It saves us having to maul about with slats, making up the bed of a night and putting it away in the morning. It’s a good thing that there are so many layouts. It proves that one size does not fit all. I’m sticking with my fixed bed.

  3. Grahame Wells says:

    I have recently bought a Swift Caravan with a front lounge area and rear four seater dining area that converts into a double bed. What I can,t understand is why when this floor plan has so much versatility manufacturers continue with fixed beds instead of fold up or collapsable beds. Please think of available floor space during the day or early evening when one could be relaxing or entertaining!
    Flexibility has to be a must.
    Regards, Grahame.

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