2017 Knaus StarClass 550 caravan

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  1. Derek Hawes says:

    Great Quality I bought a Knaus 480 in June 2017. But there are problems. I am on my second battery charger unit both blown internal fuses. Have been waiting for third charger since April. Currently have to take spare battery and separate charger when we go away. If Knaus are serious about UK market have got to sort out service problems.

  2. John Case says:

    Absolutely Liz, and whilst – as you said, “Knaus was a victim of the financial crash of 2008 they are currently Germany’s largest producer of touring caravans.”, – Knaus stopped exporting to the UK for a few years. At that time ‘foreign’ manufacturers were not getting a fair share of caravan reviews but since, and Adria in particular, are now receiving the inevitable excellent reviews that they deserve. Knaus decided to re-take a share of the ‘quality’ sector.
    Our holiday neighbours have a ten year Starclass, and it’s just received it’s 2017 annual service with 100% pass with no faults!
    Also great to read that Knaus Caravans remain faithful to the superior Truma heating – which doesn’t need any electric power to maintain basic heating!

  3. Erwin says:

    Thank you Liz for your reply, I did not however make any negative comments about the Knaus build quality, I was merely asking about the company and if they went into liquidation, but now I know that Knaus caravans is part of the KnausTabbert group and has been since around 1996. In 2005 Knaus manufactured the first ‘Starclass’ caravans (made specifically for the UK market).and they were in production for 2 years before Knaus stopped its manufacture, apparently due to the caravans weight and cost, this resulted in the remaining stock being sold off at reduced rates.

  4. Erwin says:

    A lot of money £27,000 for a caravan, you would expect excellent build quality and a van to last for that, however I seem to recall Knaus making caravans in the past, did they not go into liquidation, selling off stock caravans fairly cheap? A big risk all that money on a company that may not stick around for as long as the warranty.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We’ve had lots of positive comments about the build quality of Knaus caravans Erwin. Whilst Knaus was a victim of the financial crash of 2008 they are currently Germany’s largest producer of touring caravans.

  5. Andrew Smith says:

    We bought our Bailey Milan 2 on the basis that this design is the most practical of all the caravans that we have had over 30 years of caravanning. To us fixed beds take up too much space in the caravans and that means less room to actually ‘live’ in the caravan. making up the beds for night use just adds to the pleasure of actually ‘caravan living’.

  6. ken says:

    the knaus is £5000 dearer than a Bailey,Swift ect top range van . For me these vans are good value . If you require a your van to last forever perhaps its worth the extra money

  7. Rob Butler says:

    Have had both British made and now have a Knaus van. No comparison in build quality – Knaus far superior and really built to last!

  8. Dave says:

    400mm thick floor, surely not!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry Dave, you’re correct that is a typo. It should read 40mm. I’ll get that updated!

  9. M nevin says:

    I have a Geist lv550 this is the same solid van much better the German vans compared to British built

  10. Terry Plumridge says:

    I had a Knaus many years ago, went to Germany to buy. Cannot fault the design and manufacture. Top quality van. Would recommend to anyone.

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