2019 Auto-Trail Tribute 736G motorhome review

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  1. ken Avery says:

    Nice to see a gas fire is fitted, no more flattening leisure battery on the combi boilers after two days use.

  2. Geoffrey Houghton says:

    Why do they charge £2,820 for a 177 Bhp version when you can get your model chipped up to that for about £150???

  3. Gerard Kenny says:

    Bed a problem as others have stated

  4. Norman Chandler says:

    Looks good but for us silver surfers that transverse bed will never do. Climbing up to get into it is one problem and clambering over your partner to get to the toilet in the ‘wee’ small hours is a no no. I am happy that they have kept the weight down to 3,500 kg but at the cost of additional set belts? Shame really, as it rules out carrying passengers.

  5. John Carrick says:

    Looks good but access to beds could be a problem for some people. Overall a lovely vehicle but I will stick with my Roller Team T-Line.

  6. BjTrotman says:

    Beautiful . Storage is ideal for our bikes and accessories . The price is awsum for what you get.
    We will start saving now .
    We’ve had so much fun in our 19 year old Peugeot
    Autostratus it’s about time we changed to a newer van. Thanks for showing us .

  7. Paul Fletton says:

    Very interesting

  8. Stuart Graham says:

    Looks great from inside and out,spacious and well equipped.

  9. G Ottewell says:

    Hi I have a tribute 720 just 3 years old and I have had water ingress problems in the 1st two years ,things that have not been sealed correctly from being built which have caused big problems,work done under warranty which I have two years left .Just I bit of a worrie when it runs out

  10. Samantha says:

    Looks great and extremely good value for money

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