2019 Coachman Pastiche 470 caravan

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  1. Duncan Curtis says:

    Anyone got any comments on the bed width when made us a double?

  2. Laurie Barton says:

    Just bought my 18 month old Pastiche 470 and must say it is everything I wanted. The layout is such that for a small van, it feels like a TARDIS inside. The only gripe I have is that the transverse sofa cushion across the front window blocks the central heating venting, even if I am not sitting on it. Really needs a small baton across the top of the back, flush with the shelf, to hold the top of the cushion away. Tried to get a response from Coachman, but they are simply not interested.

  3. Mike Allen says:

    Oh how I disagree with Geoffrey Taylors comments. His comment on the layout being restrictive is way out of line,
    the L shaped lounge gives an impression of openness. The side dinette for us is a revelation, my wife and I have
    always had a problem with 2 berth caravans in that she gets up early and I get up late leaving her to either sit
    in the awning or if the weather is inclement in the car. So now she can sit at the dining table while having a
    morning cuppa and read the newspaper while I lie in. Not everyone wants a fixed bed towing an extra 6ft plus around
    just to sleep in it. This caravan is marvellous for 2 berth caravanners.

  4. brian teasdale says:

    have to disagree with this comment, having actually owned the van its the best 2 berth layout i’ve ever had. plenty of room for 2, dinette makes into a bed if needed, how many brand new caravans have a Intergral draining board nowadays??? The dinette is great for preparing food, saves having to trip over each other when cooking. lounge nice and airey with plenty of light. Storage above and below the seating areas is plenty for two and having the wardrobe in the main area of the caravan frees up space in the bathroom, again so not falling over each other.

  5. Brian Teasdale says:

    Great layout, the fixed dinette is perfect for preparing meals, which also as makes into a single bed and the kitchen is perfectly formed, which caravan has a integral draining board nowadays.
    Space wise, feels so spacious and light, storage is plenty for two and the wardrode is handy being in the main space.
    Overall a great little two berth for those that want something a little different and a prepared to move away from the conventional two berth layout. And being a coachman great quality

  6. Geoffrey Taylor says:

    The layout is very restrictive and does not make the most of available space by having a fixed dinette which has no other purpose.
    Very little work surface next to the sink which has no integral draining board, leaving the dining table for food preparation which is too low to stand at.
    Very small wardrobe in main area of caravan which is far better to be in the washroom so that clothes can be chosen without having to pre-dress.
    The tried and tested layout of the classic 2-berth van cannot be improved upon by these gimmicks.

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