2019 Lunar Clubman SI caravan

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  1. George Young says:

    If the hinges were on the Left of the door on a fixed bed caravan it is likely the door would open on to the window which is the area where the catch would be to hold it back.

  2. Andrew says:

    Looks a good ‘van…….. Til I noticed the way the door opens. I would never buy another caravan with the door opening nearest the towbar. We had a door like this on a caravan and it was noticed that at towing speeds on motorways it was trying to open at the bottom of the door. On stopping and checking it was noticed that the bottom hinges had excessive wear. Seeing this happen in the mirrors and wondering if the door suddenly failed and openend at speed would it create an unbalanced unit and cause an accident?….. Not one to find out we sold that van and will now only buy ones that the door hinges are closest to the towbar. That was two caravans ago and when we look at new ones we check the door opening first as I don’t wish to find out what would happen if one of these doors openend at speed……. Perhaps they should be tested in a wind tunnel to see what would happen if a door failed.

  3. John Rowe says:

    An excellent caravan , Your report sums up exactly it’s features and assets.
    Aldi heating with pump on the actual heater unit is a great imprvement to the noisy pump in the wardrobe which we ‘ suffered’ on a previous van.
    Lighting is fantastic
    Phantom tracker with its I phone and google apps gives total peace of mind especially as it is linked to the Sargent alarm and the battery voltage indicator.
    Very pleased . Good value for money

  4. Nigel carr says:

    I would have like to have seen a reference to the specifications weight length width

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Nigel, it’s in the factfile at the side of the review on desktop or at the bottom of the review on mobile/tablet.
      Its MTPLM is 1465kg and dimensions are: 7.32m L, 2.33m W, 2.66m H

  5. Andrew Good says:

    A factual summary of the Clubman. I am very happy with mine. The gloss cupboard doors give a touch of class and the fridge is more than ample when the freezer compartment is taken out. A very comfortable van with excellent lighting across the range.

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