2019 Swift Kon-tiki 650 motorhome

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  1. Wendy says:

    Just purchase 2019 Swift kontiki 650 wow really impressed with it. the side black roof trims have popped up on either side any idea on how we can either fix or replace please

  2. Lucy Rea-Prime says:

    was wondering if that table at the front can be removed

  3. Nigel says:

    What a lot of tosh!! This is a magnificent example of British innovation. And as such should be supported especially at this time.
    I’ve ordered one this week at Birmingham after 12 good years with my Bessacarr E765 Elegance

  4. tony moore says:

    I have a 669 2012 brilliant van a few niggles but nothing serious. Don’t like the washroom arrangement it means the bedroom is out of bounds if an occupant is using the loo or shower

  5. S. Shreeve says:

    New model looks good. We currently own a two year Kontiki 669 from new. This layout has everything we want in a motorhome and we love touring in it. However, the build quality is appalling ! We are still having issues put right by our dealer after the factory sent out what we can only describe as a ‘Friday afternoon’ model. We are currently awaiting our fifth roof repair due to shoddy workmanship. Quality control must be non existent at swift and the ‘made in Britain’ label means nothing anymore. We have spoke with other Kontiki owners on tour who have had build quality issues with theirs, one returning his to swift for eight weeks to rectify build problems. Hope the new model build is better ? We still love our motorhome. Would we buy another swift. . . . NO !

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Steve, the Customer Services Team at Swift will be able t provide support and advice if you’re having problems with your vehicle:
      Their contact number is 01482 875740 and phone lines are open Monday – Thursday 9am to 5pm; Friday – 9am to 2pm. (They are closed weekends and bank holidays)
      Swift also has an online team and Swift Talk Forum (https://www.swift-talk.co.uk/). Their hours of work are: Monday – Thursday up to 10pm and Friday up to 5pm (They are closed on weekends and bank holidays)
      Swift encourages owners to register and log on to their Swift Connect Direct account which is available to all owners from 2018, where they can use live chat to contact them between:
      Monday – Thursday 8.30am to 10pm
      Friday – 8.30am to 5pm Friday
      (we are closed weekends and bank holidays)
      Their Connect Direct login page is: https://www.swiftdirect.co.uk/login.aspx
      If owners would prefer to contact Swift via e-mail they can do this through the contact page on their website or by e-mailing [email protected]

  6. Ken Goodfellow says:

    You would be very restricted on U.K. sites, most have an 8 metre maximum.


    Hi had swift Konkiti 699 for 7 years
    Had some wonderful times in it Did not like the kontiki Black .SO change to the AUTOTRAIL COMANCHE. 2019 MODEL. have so far Been so impressed. To tell you there is not much in it ..!! The price is cheaper. And the quality warranty. Are a lot better .Am Well impressed.cheers tugboat

  8. s firth says:

    this van incorporates all the features my wife and I have looked for in 15years of motorhoming it looks fantastic pity we cant afford it run it yes afford to buy no chance

  9. Robert Morgan says:

    Looks fantastic. Our motorhome is getting on a bit now and I’ve had poor health. We’d be off to France in this…What a beauty

  10. Graham James says:

    This is a bit out of my price range and probably a bit too big for my liking, but you have to say it looks like a pretty impressive machine. As the owner of a two year old Swift Bolero 724FB, would I buy this Kon Tiki as a replacement if money was no object?

    The answer is I might, but probably not. Why? Because I consider the bathroom arrangement totally bizarre. The notion that one must walk through an open bathroom, with the throne much in evidence, to get to the bedroom is something of anathema to me. This motorhome would be almost perfect in my eyes if the bedroom and bathroom were reversed so the bathroom was across the back (as in my Bolero). The bathroom then becomes private, accessed last of all, after the bedroom rather than being a public room. Imagine having to walk through a bathroom to get to a bedroom in a house. No one would buy it surely. I know you have to make compromises in a motorhome but, for me, this is one compromise too far – especially if I am paying £100k.

    I accept it would be a shame to lose the dramatic rear window and the island bed would need some re-thinking, but I am far happier with the layout in my Bolero than I would be with this – great though the van plainly is (if you have that kind of money).

    Thanks for the report though Caravan Guard.

  11. Michael Griffiths says:

    A great article on the best motorhome on the road. Completely disagree with the last comment. I would love one if only I could afford it.

  12. H Ratcliffe says:

    What’s not to like about this Motorhome!
    We own a Bolero 724fb,this has raised the bar again.
    Maybe one day,great article anyway.

  13. Nigel Edwards says:

    Microwaves up high are dangerous! Our Motorhome was chosen specifically because my Wife’s shoulders are replacements and the Microwave is at waist level. There must be many buyers with similar incapacity who would welcome microwaves at a sensible level.

  14. Matthew Jones says:

    We loved our Kon-Tiki and traveled all through Europe with it – a fantastic vehicle, and this looks so much better. We traded in this year for a Knaus Sun I – we should have stuck with a good old British van – far too many problems with the German A class, and awful service from the factory!!

  15. MR A Miles says:

    Where is the draining board, where do you put your washing up?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      It comes with removable drainer. Sorry it wasn’t made clear in the review and photos.

  16. Wendy Trevena says:

    Wow what a motorhome in my dreams maybe

  17. Wayne Pontin says:

    Great Motorhome thanks for review Caravan Guard

  18. Edward. Negus says:

    I would not like to win this van because it’s to big and to expensive to insure , Most peovple that own a van only use it a few . weeks a year ,apart from the odd day out so a more practical van would be better offered

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