A closer look at the 2013 Bailey Pegasus GT65 model range

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  1. John cotton says:

    We bought bailey bologna last year we have had to have a on board computer as this was not working because the manufacturer fitted as steel plate and computer could not pick it up.numerous chips and to interior .cpl round front heki stared coming unstuck.rear fake panel that holds lights slipped three inches down back of van .had its first service got100 cent damp faulty seal now needs a new bathroom floor .would not one with a barge pole. Unfortunatly we are stuck with our. Good job it has 6 years warranty

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi John
      Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with your Bailey Pegasus. Hopefully you’re able to return the caravan under your warranty and the the problems won’t persist next time around.


  2. mark says:

    I love the new GT65 Ancona, so much so I have just brought one.

  3. Simon wade says:

    Well I have one after a gap of many years from. Being a a caravaner with young children to now! Being a mature caravaner I have to say this is a great place to be.its well designed and intended for 2 plus maybe grandchildren if you have any. We thought it was very nice and good to live in plus an easy tow.

  4. Mick says:

    Hi I purchased the pegasus 2 rimini in jan 2013 and have just traded it in for the GT65 verona simply because we could not get away with the 2 single beds, dont get me wrong they were comfortable enough just to short and not wide enough found it very hard to get used too and felt hemmed in. as far as the large window in the gt65 it was what sold the van for me plus the GRP outer body shell no more unsightly stone chips, we have our van seasonally pitched have use of showers ETC but never used them as we much prefer our own shower in the van.

  5. Tim.Mullins says:

    Have just changed our Sancerre for the GT65 Pegasus Rimini
    and we are very pleased with it, the only problem is the under floor heating we find quite noisy when full on, not to bad when running at 1kw electric, also the GT65 2 inches narrow than our Sancerre and about same weight, and yes we use the shower in our van when staying on C / Sites.

  6. andy says:

    After much debating i give in and went for the Valencia, but i did get in in gt colours they don’t match perfect but look a lot nicer than the Brown. Its still a matter of choice, i already had a tv (but can now leave it perm in my lorry)but decided was still unsure about whale heating so the alde swung it. Doing your maths the valencia is dearer and i liked the shower in the verona but didn’t like the door, at NEC they were all split , due to heavy handiness,. On my sancerre i had the door replaced with a total aluminium framed door. Also whichever you buy they no longer come with shelves in freezer or salad crisper cover in the fridge- if i’d of known i’d kept these out of Sancerre. Lighting is brilliant, i especially love the ambient rooflight light
    The windows people have said look ugly but after going away for a long weekend thought that the open feel of the van was really good I think that other than TV, Alde heating which heats water up at same time ( i think saving gas), ALKO jack , drinks cabinet (touch of class more than usefull) ambient lighting, Classier taps and work surface, Drawers opposite kitchen (i think better for cutlery and wiping-up towels) there’s not much else different!!!!!!
    ” At the end of the day i’m sorry it’s just a matter of personal choice and whether you want to pay extra for the classier feel of the valencia”

  7. SteveE53 says:

    Just in the process of choosing between the GT 65 Verona and the Unicorn Valencia. Your views would be very much appreciated, cheers.

  8. Steve says:

    We viewed the Pegasus range at the NEC, and we loved it! The one we liked was the Rimini twin bed. As for the shower, we prefer site facilities, but find the cubicle useful for storage. I do think however, that all caravans should have a shower unit installed, because there are many people who do use it when there are no site facilities available.

  9. Len Morgan says:

    Re the comments about shower usage in caravans,my wife will only rarely use site showers,and has used every shower in every ‘van we have owned.She has it down to a fine art in water use and probably uses less water than I do shaving.

    • Cath Craigan says:

      I always use the shower and love the spacious bathroom better than hopping about in a chilly shower block, my husband uses the shower blocks

  10. Andy says:

    Went to the show saw the new gt65 range. The only major problem was the shower screens we han ours changen in our sancerre and will be asking for it to be changed before we pick up our new Verona. The front window was great its a full window not like other manufacturers that stick a piece of plastic through the midddle. We rally all year round and yes I have a few apprehensions about the heating, whether the battery will last but look forward to being a guinea pig and will write a review as soon as i’ve been out a couple of times. I also asked my dealer about fitting the ambient lighting the same as the valencia. So watch this space for an update

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for your comment Andy
      It would be great if you could let us know how you get on with your new Bailey Pegasus GT65 Verona. As you say, by rallying all year round, you’ll really put that Whale 4KW under floor blown air space heater and the Rapid Heat water heater to the test.
      Enjoy your new ‘van.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  11. Cameron Bell says:

    I’m in the process of trading my current Pegasus Verona for the new GT65 Bologna. Love the Verona and feel it’s well made. The new Bologna has both good and not so good points like any caravan, I like the new kitchen layout and heating system but feel the fridge isn’t deep enough which is a let down. Like the new sky light front window and will wait till we use the shower before I comment. We live in New Zealand and really enjoy your readers comments, keep up the good work as it’s hard to get the new information down here.

  12. Rod playford says:

    Personally I like the large front window, the panoramic view enhances the caravan and the rest of the fixtures and fittings are of a good quality. The GT 65 range are not the most expensive and offer value for money IMHO. If there is a criticism of ALL caravan manufacturers it is the persistence of the shower, just how many people use the shower in their caravan ?

    • Craig says:

      Hi Rod
      Thanks for your comment.
      It could be an interesting poll to ask our blog users if they use their showers – I’ll suggest it to our web team.
      Kind regards
      Caravan Guard

  13. R Fagan says:

    Nothing anoys me more than people who have such a crazy way of reviewing things, you need to be subjective, as it happens i have a bailey caravan 2012 and we are over moon with it and good on you bailey for innovating, if not you get left back with the dino’sours’! Great Point Irene! it is one of the few points on here which are sensible.

  14. Nigel says:

    the new Baileys are totally rubbish for what they are asking price wise, far too much plastic inside and out, Peg GT65 is now compared too S7 Pag, S1 Peg was compared too Senator S6, what a come down and the price is £3,000 more expensive than Pag S7 when it was launched, Bailey are living in dream land, would buy another Bailey after what went through with our 09 GT60, COST US ALOT MONEY IN P/EX for an older van!!!!!

  15. David Yuill says:

    Unfortunately it seems that , with the single exception of improved body construction, these days caravan ‘design has two objectives::

    a) to outdate previous models and create continuing market for ‘new’ models.
    b) to make interior fitments cheaper and flimsier in the name of lightweight.

    So long as caravan manufacturers adopt this policy we are destined to be plagued with ever more undesirable product.

    Real innovation requires investment and this won’t happen with Brit manufacturers.

  16. Mrs. S>A>Wicks says:

    We visited the last caravan show at the nec with a view of buying the new Bsilley Pegasus. We changed our minds when we looked at the outside of the caravan and saw the PLASTIC moulding on the front and the back and the panel was falling off – good advert.
    Yes we loved the layout of the inside but as our caravan is a Swift and only 2years old we decided to stay with it
    Its only the plastic panels that put us off.

  17. Irene Foster says:

    The front veticle skylight is great for English climates but, in France it lets in too much heat. We have a Sterling Elite Amber and it gets much too hot for comfort with this front skylight.

  18. Ron Coles says:

    We have a Bailey Senator Vermont 2008 series 6 and would not swop it for any of the new Baileys we love it

  19. S Spurling says:

    I certainly agree with all P. Fishers comments

  20. Brian says:

    Having read the comments from Pat and Chris, I can only agree. I used to like the GT60, but not this. What’s this vertical skylight all about? It’s quirky, ugly and a waste of good overhead storage space in my opinion. Seems that Bailey have lost the plot in the race to be different, and have ended up with a gimmick. Let’s not ban microwaves, they are useful, just put them at the same height as the convential oven, as Elddis did in some of their 2012 range. Much safer.

  21. Pat Fisher says:

    Do sheep design caravans? They all copy each other’s worst points. Clamber over fixed beds, ceiling level microwaves. Huge wash rooms. For safety’s sake ban fixed microwaves, and bring back END kitchens. Need sturdy shelving,pulley-hammock on ceiling for stuff/toys storage, different sized cupboards, larger kitchen worktop [pull out extension]. Twin fixed beds long & wide. Sprung loaded extensions to convert seating into double bed, or one extra wide bed, instead of the dreadful roller slats that can tangle.Do away with awful cupboard/useless table top.Functional small, washroom. More choice of pre-buy layout. Designers who may have lived & worked in a caravan! Women??

  22. Chris says:

    Another contender for ugliest caravan of 2013.

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