A guide to parking your motorhome safely

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  1. Graham Hadfield says:

    Like the link to http://www.motorhomeparking.co.uk/ but then I would, seeing as it’s my web site 🙂

  2. richard leadbitter says:

    since i have disabled wife who cannot offer any reversing aid in any way,.. i had a reversing camera fitted so that the whole rear bumper is shown when the vehicle is reversing as well as the immediate area, this allows me to reverse up to objects with ease and as close as a couple of inches,( if needed) , i do dismount and check any overhangs first,

  3. Paul ward says:

    When parking up my wife drives and I give directions talking to her over mobile phone. Simple even for wife.

  4. Keith Anderson says:

    I managed to cause nearly £2000 of damage to the offside rear panel of my motorhome reversing into my own drive.

    One aspect of driving on ordinary single carriageways which gives me concern is the risk to my offside mirror. I had a mirror to mirror impact on a Welsh road with a van coming the other way, which demolished both mine and his. Motorhome mirrors stick out a long way, for obvious reasons, and so do those of lorries. I always get a little nervous when I see a truck or tanker coming the other way and tend to edge to the side of the road where possible. They seem to charge past oblivious.

  5. Tim says:

    It is the very tight turns encountered in French supermarket and other petrol stations especially if you wish to pay at the kiosks Absolute nightmare when the following vehicle is up close

  6. Ray Butler says:

    several really relevant and useful articles, well done.

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