Poll results reveal caravanners are wheely safe and secure!

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  1. Rex Beech says:

    I use Vin Chip Plus, steady locks and a wheel clamp. Use all on site and in storage – it only takes a couple of minutes to put on the wheel clamp and steady locks.

  2. robert burgess says:

    This article was very interesting to me. I always use two wheel locks of different makes to make it a little
    more difficult to those who want to steal my van, and also I use a hitch lock.

  3. Phil says:

    Why is caravans insurance so expensive? My 5 yr old sterling is more to insure than a £40 k new BMW. Insurance is based on risk (they say) so a car I) is on the road say 5 days a week, ii) van 10 days a year, other than the loss of its stolen £10k max how does this add up? RIP OFF I say. Comments.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      At the end of 2015, Confused.com quoted the average car insurance premium as £672. We can assure you the average caravan insurance premium is far less than this. Premiums as you say are carefully calculated based on risk. That includes risk of theft, accidental damage and other possible eventualities that could lead to a claim such as storm damage. Note caravans are more likely to be stolen or damaged by stormy weather when in storage so it’s not just the time you are using the caravan that an insurance premium is based on.

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