2012 Adria Adora 642UP Caravan Review

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  1. kenneth barker says:

    i have Adria Adiva 206 642 up model can anyone tell me what color the grey is along the trimmings great help cheers.

  2. Anthony Byrne says:

    This one does not float my boat – sorry

  3. Lawrence Phillips says:

    Our second caravan, we bought ours July 2012 and it is excellent. Initially chose the 642UP as it has the widest “fixed” double in a standard width caravan that we could find – room for our third on the bed – Jonty our terrier dog!. I did a world-wide search and I dare to say it is the ONLY caravan to offer a double fixed bed of 5 ft or more. In fact it measures 5ft 4″ by pushing the singles together (which are on a rail and fixed by securing bolts and a strap). The overhead lockers are cavernous and plentiful and we actually have unused storage space – really rare for us! A microwave can be fitted in a locker if a fixed one is required. We also love the “bathroom” which has lots of storage shelves with rails to stop things falling out so no need to stow when travelling; a lovely time-saver. The use of robust ABS and polyester for sides and roof is excellent, avoiding annoying thumb dents in ali sides. Well done Elldis for following that route! I wonder if Bailey will follow? Tows beautifully and attracts favourable comments wherever we stay.

  4. Janet Woods says:

    We have the 2008 version – twin axle – and we love it! We have a similar problem figuring out how to assemble the front bed. There’s no explanation in the handbook and we don’t seem to have enough bits to support the upholstery. If you look in the sales blurb it appears you could be sleeping with your feet on the cupboards alongside the U-shaped sitting area! I too am waiting for a reply from the Adria UK reps.

  5. trevor dawes says:

    i have just picked up my new adora 642up 2012,brilliant,solid built van.One major problem,no one seems to know exactly how the front cusions have to be arranged in order to make the front double bed.Please can anyone forward me a diagram.The salesman didn’t know,2 new owners didn’t have a clue,a member of the adria owners club couldn’t help.i e-mailed adria but they just said to lower the table and arrange the cussions to suit.

  6. David says:

    Hi Terry,

    I have an Adora Plus 642 UP which is a twin axle, year of manufacture was 2007, don’t know if they are still manufactured. Regards David

  7. stuart hunter says:

    so impressed with the 2012 adora i just bought one….. ticks all my boxes, robust construction and bags of flair, the best i can say is i was not restricted by price, layout, weight ect but purchased the adora, roll on delivery in march…..

  8. Mr J. O'Shea says:

    Like many other new caravans, it will not fit through a 7ft 6in side opening
    to a secure garden area. A “narrow caravan” is more suitable for touring the many narrow roads on the Continent.

  9. Terry Tremlett says:

    is there a twin axle in this style

  10. joan welling says:

    It,s still the dark look the bed lay out is differant but I don,t like it give mr a fixed bed any day.No microwave either a built in one is far better no having to put it on the floor for towing and then lifting it into place When you arrive on site,the price is higher than others with a simular lay out needless to say I won,t be buying one.

  11. John de Borde says:

    I think there are 2 other shortcoming with the 642UP
    1. In that there is no microwave or provision for one and
    2. the hob is not a joint gas/electric one.
    Otherwise I think you have given a good review.

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