Adria Sport A 660 DP Motorhome Reviewed

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  1. Ari Sipila says:

    We lovde this van – Currently three kids sharing alcove but next summer we have to start using dining table / bed conversion. We have golden treaver too and he just loves it too 🙂 Greart storage with massing garage. Thanks for the review, had a look before buing.

  2. Erwin says:

    i really don’t understand the british….i see complaints about the fact that there are no bunkbeds! We have 4 sons and we ARE looking for a motorhome like this and i will tell you why……

    We are two BIG Hungarian adults with 4 sons…. we are not fat (but tall and muscled) and do NOT want to climb in an alcove! Maybe you want that, but we do NOT we are 40 and almost 50 years old and don’t want to climb a ladder to enter or to leave the bed….We want a double bed in the back! The boys can sleep together in the alcove and and when we stay for a longer time on a campsite, a small tent will be built up and the 2 big boys go there and we have our privacy too…..and for the boys sleeping in a tent much more adventurous!
    We just want all boys onboard sleeping during the trip from A to B or in case of really bad weather to have them sheltered, so therefore we would like to have this one….

    Adria: Go on this way….we LOVE IT

  3. karen hooper says:

    Have to agree, bunks aremust for a family, or no one gets much sleep. although it might take 6 only looks to seat for at the table, As mum is usually last to sit down looks like i’d be the one with food on a tray. I bet there not much female input in this lay out.

  4. Anne Clark says:

    I saw the summary of this article and was very excited as we are looking to upgrade our family van and struggle to find vans for families … and of course this one doesn’t meet our needs – no bunks !
    Why put 2 double and call it a family van ?

  5. mel hathaway says:

    Lovely van, we have an adria 690dk, and its a fabulous family van,but why oh why do you think that your 2 children want to sleep next to each other?in my opinion it is a mistake to with draw the bunkbeds…..

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