An awning delight: Wind out awning developed for Bailey caravans

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  1. Neil Fox says:

    I bought a 2014 Bailey Unicorn Valencia and had the wind out Fiama fitted. Any dealer worth their salt will fit it free of charge as mine did, when buying a new caravan.
    It is great and I have had no problems with leaks.

  2. GRC BLacklaws says:

    I have a 2014 Bailey Barcelona, looking at installing myself the f45, however hate it when companies threaten you with the usual “invalid warranty” nonsense, you have already spent 20k plus and want more. Have to agree also with the other comments, roof holes Will leak, bad design detailing, yes looks like canopies designed and installed in the 1970s.

  3. Neil fox says:

    There is a company in Leeds that sell clear clip on sides and front to fit Fiamma awnings

  4. Alan Scarff says:

    It seems easy to erect and makes a nice room to be in but the colours and designs are so boring; grey contrasted with more grey and a grubby looking white.
    Recently I saw a Quest version of the side panels it was called the “Italian” and it looked really attractive with window panes printed on to the design. It was quite cheap as well, about £400. But I haven’t been able to trace it on the web since that time. Anyone know anything about it?

  5. E Spencer says:

    Have had a F45 fitted to a Bailey Unicorn, the wind out canopy is quick and easy to use, but haven’t worked out how to fit the two brackets we need to utilise the Zip on sides panels.

  6. mr cooper says:

    looks good but if you already have a pull out canopy for a lesser price you can purchase virtually the same setup from towsure for around £600 . also drill holes drilled into the roof section is a leak waiting to happen

  7. Brian James says:

    We changed from a motorhome to a new Bailey caravan, had a fiamma awning on our motorhome. Just got back from Henley, and saw Fiamma awning fitted to a Bailey. Great I want one (need to speak to the Bank manager first)

  8. John Powell says:

    considering the high cost of the fitted fiamma sunblind/ awning, can it be removed, and refitted if I change my caravan for another Bailey caravan ?

  9. tony pandy says:

    We had one on our last motorhome. Good luck if you think you are putting that up on your own. Also need some step ladders. They are not great in the rain, water rounds down the sides etc. It is quick to put out the wind out awning for sun shade, the rest “privacy room” as they refer to it, is a ‘mare

  10. keith atkins says:

    The idea is certainly a very good one but this awning is totally lacking in any style.It reminds me of the awnings that we used back at the start of the1970s when I first started caravanning!

  11. Vic Palmer says:

    Will it fit a Swift 570?

  12. Ian Simon says:

    Regarding slope (RG Smith) it depends what length you make the awning legs, will also allow for uneven pitch’s, adjusted and secured by TWO butterfly catch’s.Fiamma kit is very good. Just ask any motorhome owner, ther standard kit on most van’s. Depends where mounted on van (and the length of the awning you buy) to not cover window! splash the cash you caravanners.

  13. Robert G Smith says:

    Looks good, and easy to put up. Bound to be popular. One concern though – is there enough slope on the roof to ensure heavy rain does not form pools and bring the whole thing down?

  14. David Prince says:

    Looks good but what will i do with my porch and full awnings.

  15. Mike Doody says:

    Looks very good. Just what has been needed for caravanners, especially the older caravanner like me. However the price seems seems a little high.

  16. Stanley Battell says:

    Dear Sir
    I have a Fiamma fitted to the top of my Fleetwood Heritage fitted with a 12 volt motor and remote controlled, which makes it very simple and safe to operate. I have used it for 3 years now, and find it quick and easy to use.
    The only things you have to store are the three sides, the stretcher bar for the roof and two frame bars for the side panels, which takes up a lot less room than a conventional awning. The other bonus is in wet weather you can packup under the awning and then just roll in the roof in to its housing.

  17. David Cartwright says:

    I dont like the fact that the awning obstructs a window.

  18. Ken Trueman says:

    Seems like a lot of cash for something that doesn’t look very professional.
    I don’t think I will be changing my Bailey Indiana for a new Bailey any way as I don’t like the new layouts.
    Think I’ll stick to my Isabella…

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